Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott dangling 6 games for conduct

12:00 PM ET

Dallas Cowboys using behind Ezekiel Elliott has been dangling for 6 games by a NFL for violating a personal control policy, a joining announced Friday.

The cessation comes as a outcome of an review that started some-more than a year ago after an ex-girlfriend indicted Elliott of domestic assault in Columbus, Ohio. The Columbus City Attorney’s bureau announced in Sep that it would not pursue charges opposite Elliott since of “conflicting and unsuitable information,” though a NFL can reprove a actor even though authorised charges.

Elliott is approaching to interest a suspension, joining sources told ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

How profitable is Ezekiel Elliott? Cowboys will find out during suspension

Without Ezekiel Elliott, Darren McFadden and Alfred Morris will have to step adult while a Cowboys’ descent line contingency say a dominance.

  • Expectations ratcheted adult for Dak Prescott with Ezekiel Elliott out

    Dak Prescott thrived underneath vigour as a rookie final season, though a Cowboys’ QB will have even some-more to hoop with Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension.

  • NFL’s minute to Elliott explaining six-game ban

    Read a minute a NFL sent to Ezekiel Elliott surveying a review and detailing a logic for a six-game anathema of a Cowboys using back.

  • Elliott has 3 business days to record notice of appeal, and a conference contingency be scheduled within 10 days of receipt of a notice, according to Article 46 of a common negotiate agreement, that governs interest of commissioner discipline.

    Commissioner Roger Goodell or his designee, customarily former NFL executive Harold Henderson, would hear a appeal, that would be scheduled for a second Tuesday after a receipt of a appeal. Any statute by Goodell or his designee would be binding.

    Without an appeal, Elliott’s cessation would start Sept. 2. He would be authorised to lapse to a active register Oct. 23, a day after a Cowboys’ Week 7 diversion opposite a San Francisco 49ers.

    The NFL Players Association pronounced in a matter that it is reviewing a league’s preference and has been in hit with Elliott and his member to cruise their options.

    Legal authorities resolved that they could not infer Elliott’s shame over a reasonable doubt. Several witnesses, according to sources tighten to a case, had listened a lady scream during Elliott that she would “ruin his career” when she was unfortunate that they would not continue their relationship.

    The league’s cessation of Elliott differs from a 2014 anathema of then-Baltimore Ravens using behind Ray Rice, who was prosecuted and concluded to a defence fortitude after a full review by authorised authorities.

    NFL officials pronounced in a matter that it investigated Elliott’s box entirely and dynamic that he disregarded a personal control policy. The joining examined content messages, interviewed some-more than a dozen witnesses — including a prosecution and Elliott — and shielded medical and authorised experts to assistance Goodell make his decision.

    In a minute to Elliott advising him of a league’s decision, a NFL pronounced a experts “were of a perspective that there is estimable and impressive justification ancillary a anticipating that [Elliott] intent in earthy violence” mixed times in Jul 2016.

    The NFL identified 3 incidents that caused injuries to a lady over a camber of 5 days and cited detailed justification of a injuries.

    The joining was means to collect information from a woman’s phone that came a same days as a incidents she reported. Peter Harvey, a former profession ubiquitous for New Jersey who aided a NFL’s investigation, pronounced Elliott’s member presented “alternative theories” in how she might have suffered a injuries, including a quarrel with another woman, descending down a stairs or during her pursuit as a server, though did not offer justification of a injuries occurring underneath those circumstances.

    The joining also systematic Elliott to arrange a clinical analysis and to approve with any recommendations for conversing or treatment.

    Cowboys owners and ubiquitous manager Jerry Jones has shielded Elliott via a NFL’s investigation, and a source told Schefter that Jones is mad with a NFL’s decision.

    A Cowboys source told ESPN’s Josina Anderson that a group is station behind Elliott following a proclamation of his suspension.

    Before disciplining Elliott, a NFL deliberate a domestic assault allegations from Feb 2016 and Jul 2016, as good as a St. Patrick’s Day occurrence this Mar in that he pulled down a woman’s shirt, nonetheless that did not cause into a league’s preference on discipline.

    NFL clamp boss of communications Joe Lockhart pronounced Friday that a joining told Elliott he used “poor visualisation and controversial behavior” in pulling down a woman’s tip though that a movement did not arise to a spin of adding to his penalty.

    Also, before a group left for training camp, Elliott was allegedly endangered in an occurrence during a Dallas bar that left a male with a nose injury. Dallas military have dangling a review since they could not hit a plant and no witnesses came forward.

    Elliott is a third Cowboys actor who will skip time this deteriorate since of a suspension. Defensive finish Randy Gregory has been dangling for a deteriorate after mixed violations of a piece abuse policy. Defensive finish David Irving has been dangling a initial 4 games for violating a performance-enhancing drug policy.

    There are people in and around a Cowboys classification flourishing increasingly endangered about Elliott’s lifestyle and choices, sources tighten to a conditions told Schefter. Elliott has spin famous for frequenting Dallas nightclubs, and there are concerns about a approach he has conducted himself, a sources said.

    Pending his appeal, Elliott will not be authorised into a Cowboys’ training formidable from a initial week of a unchanging deteriorate until a cessation is complete.

    Elliott, a fourth altogether collect in a 2016 draft, led a NFL in rushing final deteriorate with 1,631 yards on 322 carries. He scored 15 rushing touchdowns. He also held 32 passes for 363 yards and one touchdown and was named to a Pro Bowl.

    With Elliott out, a Cowboys will spin to Darren McFadden, Rod Smith and Alfred Morris as their using backs. The group sealed maestro Ronnie Hillman during a finish of July, though manager Jason Garrett pronounced a further had zero to do with Elliott’s intensity suspension.

    McFadden finished fourth in a NFL in rushing in 2015 with 1,089 yards notwithstanding not holding over until a seventh diversion of a season. He was singular to 24 carries final year since of a damaged elbow. Morris has 3 1,000-yard seasons to his credit though had 69 carries for 243 yards and dual touchdowns in singular work final season. Smith has been holding turns as a third tailback in a early partial of training camp.

    The cessation will be dear for Elliott. In further to losing his base-salary pay, a guarantees in Elliott’s $24.96 million understanding will be voided. He perceived a signing reward of $16.35 million and got a final deferred installment of a reward in March. Once he misses games, he will have to compensate behind some of a signing-bonus money. For any diversion missed, Elliott will have to repay about $240,000.

    Elliott’s bottom salaries for 2017 to 2019 are value $1.58 million, $2.72 million and $3.85 million, respectively. He would still accept those amounts for as prolonged as he is on a roster, though they would no longer be guaranteed if he postulated an damage that would finish his career.

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