Critic’s Notebook: ‘Girls’ Series Finale Offers a Lovely Epilogue

The penultimate part wrapped things adult for a categorical quartet, though Hannah and Marnie shined upstate in a finale.

The array began, remember, with Hannah’s relatives environment Hannah adrift, revelation her that she wouldn’t get any some-more financial support and that she was on her possess perplexing to make it in a large city. It was zero if not a influential unlatching from a consanguine teat. Sunday’s finale, that Konner destined from a book she co-wrote with Dunham and Judd Apatow … Well, we don’t need me to explain. Hannah’s highly-strung fears that Grover wouldn’t feed associated to Hannah’s ongoing fears about her problems being maternal and then, after a miraculous Loreen lecture, Hannah went erratic in a streets, came on a high propagandize lady journey from her mother’s protecting caring and went into maternal overdrive herself. Having ranted during a lady — “She’ll take caring of we forever, even if it means endless, unconstrained pain” — Hannah returned home and Grover finally latched as a uncover eschewed a shutting credits strain for a sounds of an enlivening mom, a nursing baby and a mumbling singing of a lady with “Fast Car” stranded in her head.


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