Cuomo promulgation another turn of assistance to Puerto Rico

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo now announced a deployment of additional crew and medical reserve to Puerto Rico by a Empire State Relief and Recovery Effort. The State deployed 72 Port Authority crew this morning from a agency’s Aviation, Port and Police departments, as good as a Office of Emergency Management, following an allege group of 5 that over yesterday. Governor Cuomo also deployed 53 members of a State Police support with confidence operations and 10 additional experts from a New York Power Authority to support a Puerto Rican supervision with a ongoing appetite replacement efforts. In addition, a conveyance of vicious remedy and reserve orderly by New York State over from Republic Airport firm for San Juan, Vieques, and Culebra.

These deployments are all partial of a Governor’s Empire State Relief and Recovery Effort for Puerto Rico.

“New York will continue to mount with a people of Puerto Rico during each step of their recovery, and these experts and resources will assistance a brothers and sisters reconstruct and stay safe,” Governor Cuomo said. “I am unapproachable these excellent New Yorkers have answered a call to assistance a associate Americans in their impulse of need, and we conclude them for their service.”

Port Authority Emergency Personnel

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has deployed a 77-member group of puncture crew and support apparatus to support Puerto Rico. The group will be wholly self-sufficient to safety singular food reserve and other resources on a island for a residents. Staffers from a Port Authority’s Aviation Department are staid to assistance counterparts during San Juan International Airport and other airfields resume full moody operations. Employees of a agency’s Port Department will support in repairs assessments during a Port of San Juan to assistance get shipping commerce behind in operation. Port Authority Police will send officers to yield confidence services. The agency’s Office of Emergency Management also will send support apparatus and members of a staff to yield assistance.

State Police

The State Police has deployed 53 troopers to support with confidence operations. Mission priorities embody safeguarding line and fuel and securing a supply bondage to safeguard that a resources are distributed to people who need them most.

New York Power Authority Experts

The NYPA group will join NYPA technicians now deployed in Puerto Rico, who have embedded into a puncture response group overseen by a Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA). The 10 new crew are theme matter experts in appetite transmission, generation, substations, application logistics, plan management, construction and appetite complement energization. The NYPA group will coordinate directly with a United States Army Corp of Engineers and PREPA to assistance revive a shop-worn electric system. It will also assistance coordinate a required application mutual assistance routine with a American Public Power Association and a Electricity Subsector Coordinating Council on a United States mainland. The extended NYPA group in Puerto Rico will now surpass 20 appetite and construction logistics experts, as good as dual worker pilots from a Department of Environmental Conservation.

Medical Supplies

In partnership with a Greater New York Hospital Association and a Afya Foundation, a Yonkers-based non-profit classification that collects and delivers over-abundance medical reserve to support charitable efforts and health crises worldwide, a initial conveyance left Friday morning from Republic Airport with priority for Hospital Susana Centeno on a island of Vieques, a University Pediatric Hospital in San Juan, and for a health caring village on a island of Culebra. GNYHA donated syringes, and some-more than 5 thousand doses of vaccine and remedy for conditions such as tetanus, infections, diabetes supervision and pain relief. Other reserve donated by Afya embody simple initial aid, over-the-counter remedy and suture kits.

Congresswoman Nydia M. Velázquez, Co-Chair of a Empire State Relief Recovery Effort, said, “The City of New York and a Island of Puerto Rico share an unbreakable bond. From day one, Governor Cuomo has mobilized New York’s resources to residence what is apropos by a hour, a deepening charitable crisis. we praise a Governor’s latest movement to boost puncture personnel, reserve and move most indispensable repairs to a Island’s electrical grid. As a Co-Chair of a Empire State Relief and Recovery Effort, we will continue to work during all levels of supervision until Puerto Rico is done whole again.”

Assemblyman Marcos Crespo, Co-Chair of a Empire State Relief Recovery Effort, said, “New Yorkers always mount with their friends in a time of need and interjection to a caring of Governor Cuomo, we have continued to muster a resources of vicious resources indispensable to assistance a brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico. Recovering from a extinction of Hurricane Maria will be a prolonged and formidable process, though New Yorkers will be station shoulder to shoulder with them each step of a way.”

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. said, “The smoothness of these much-needed medical reserve to a people of Vieques is illusory news. we wish to conclude GNYHA for a donation, a Afya Foundation for providing a moody and Governor Cuomo and his bureau for facilitating a delivery. Puerto Rico needs each bit of assistance it and get, and we severely conclude a support that has come from everywhere during a island’s time of need.”

Port Authority Executive Director Rick Cotton said, “The images from Puerto Rico are distressing and we are unapproachable to be partial of Gov. Cuomo’s vast puncture response group to support in a recovery. Our aviation, port, military and puncture supervision staff will move a resources of vicious imagination in their fields to assistance their counterparts and residents in a Commonwealth as they redeem from this comfortless event.”

State Police Superintendent George P. Beach II said, “Our Troopers always mount during a prepared to yield any assistance needed, either it’s nearby or far. We are committed to a goal in Puerto Rico, assisting a friends and neighbors as they work to redeem from a extinction of Hurricane Maria.”

Gil C. Quiniones, NYPA President and CEO, said, “The Power Authority is unapproachable to support a people of Puerto Rico during a terrible extinction left in a arise of Hurricane Maria. During my revisit to Puerto Rico with a Governor final week, we was impressed by a drop and detriment via a island. The NYPA technicians are really informed with PREPA’s electric system, as it is really identical to New York State’s system, so we am assured that a imagination will be of poignant value on a belligerent as we continue to coordinate with sovereign and internal partners to repower Puerto Rico.”

Greater New York Hospital Association Ventures President Lee H. Perlman said, “New York’s health caring village is committed to assisting Puerto Rico however we can, and GNYHA’s ability to entrance desperately indispensable pharmaceuticals and other medical reserve is an evident and impactful approach to do that. We are really unapproachable to partner with Governor Cuomo and a Afya Foundation on this critical goal to assistance Puerto Rico’s health caring community, and we demeanour brazen to securing some-more health caring reserve for additional missions.”

Afya Foundation Founder and Executive Director Danielle Butin, MPH, OTR pronounced “We are anxious to work with Governor Cuomo and GNYHA on interest of Puerto Rico’s health caring community. By mixing Afya’s years of knowledge responding to crises worldwide with a Governor’s extreme joining to Puerto Rico and GNYHA’s ability to secure medical supplies, we have an event to literally save hundreds of lives.”

For some-more information about a liberation and service efforts underway in Puerto Rico, and to learn how we can assist, greatfully revisit a Governor’s Empire State Relief and Recovery Effort for Puerto Rico webpage.

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