Damian Lillard after Blazers’ elimination: Trying to better a Warriors became an obsession

4:35 AM ET

PORTLAND, Ore. – After a Portland Trail Blazers were swept by a Golden State Warriors on Monday, indicate ensure Damian Lillard told ESPN he’s grown a newfound mania with perplexing to take down a Warriors.

“You have to be spooky with that since we know that they’re so good that they’re going to be there,” Lillard pronounced after a 128-103 detriment in Game 4. “That’s who you’re going to have to get by to get to where we wish to get to. That’s what it is.”

Lillard available 34 points and 6 assists in 41 minutes. He was 12-of-24 from a field. He did all he could do. The rest of his organisation shot 21-for-61, equating to 34 percent.

Portland narrowly squeezed into a final playoff mark (41-41) after a unsatisfactory start to a season. They were approaching to take a subsequent step after a 44-38 record during a 2015-16 season.

Warriors measure 45 in opening quarter, brush Trail Blazers

Golden State used a 45-point initial entertain to put a series-clinching Game 4 out of strech in Portland.

The two-time All-Star is unapproachable of a team’s pull down a widen of a unchanging season, though he’s not satisfied.

“I wouldn’t contend it was a successful year,” Lillard told ESPN. “We got tested and we consider we answered a bell. we felt like we showed a loyal colors by a approach we fought. But we wouldn’t contend successful. we consider it was growth. A year of expansion for us.”

In final year’s playoffs, a Warriors bounced a Trail Blazers out of a second turn in 5 games. Lillard’s annoy was clear after Monday’s unilateral loss. “I don’t even know what to consider right now,” he said. “It’s really frustrating. But we know me, I’m going to come behind stronger than ever.”

When addressing a press, Lillard spoke rarely about how good a Warriors play together and how everybody is on a same page. He has reached a fulfilment that a Trail Blazers contingency take a page out of a Warriors’ book.

But if they don’t, they competence be experiencing this same feeling subsequent year.

“You also got to know that if we ever wish to get out a West, you’re going to have to go by them,” Lillard pronounced during his media address. “And for me, we know that’s what it is. It’s always been that approach in a NBA. we consider about when a Pistons were only violence adult on [Michael] Jordan. [They] were only kicking his boundary each year, and he had to get by them if he wanted to get to where he wanted to get to. That’s only what it is. [The Warriors are] going to be there. They’re going to be there each year. We have to demeanour during that and know that we got to be better. We have to go get better, and come behind improved as a organisation if we wish to pierce past them.”

Kevin Durant loves Lillard’s rival spirit. He told ESPN that a Trail Blazers are a few pieces divided from contending.

“I consider they wish somebody on a wing that can take a vigour off those dual guards (C.J. McCollum and Lillard), somebody that’s large for their position. But they’re right there, man. They’re a good team. They started off slow. we consider they should have been a aloft seed, though they fought their approach to get in a playoffs. They have a destiny core in [Jusuf] Nurkic who took them over a top, though we consider they need another round handler on a wing to get them going. It’s going to be fun personification opposite these guys in a subsequent few years.”

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