Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller Goes to Prison: Inside a Place She Could Spend a Next 366 Days


Abby Lee Miller is now in a association of stars who’ve left to prison as she reportedly settles in to Victorville Federal Correctional Institution in California, where she’ll offer one year and one day after pleading guilty to failure rascal charges. But what will life be like for a existence star in her new home? We’re violation down a sum here.

Where is she going?

FCI Victorville, that is located about dual hours from Los Angeles, is best famous from a HBO show Luck — Dustin Hoffman’s impression is expelled from a three-year judgment during Victorville in a initial episode.

What are a conditions like?

It’s a low-security trickery (think Orange Is a New Black‘s Litchfield) and houses mostly criminals with non-violent crimes. There is, however, a medium-security jail on a property, that houses masculine inmates. The low confidence trickery where Miller, 50, will offer out her judgment is female-only.

As you’d expect, Miller won’t be vital in style, however, a Victorville’s satellite camp, where she’ll be staying, is some-more bearable than most. There are now only 287 inmates in a camp, and a designed ability in 256. So while it’s over capacity, it isn’t by a vast amount.

There is a commissary with copiousness of equipment for sale, including makeup, snacks like Pop-Tarts and chocolate chip cookies, atmosphere freshener, cough drops, personification cards and sunglasses, among other items.

And according to TMZ, Miller will be noshing this initial week on jellied toast for breakfast, hamburgers and fruit for lunch, sandwiches and wraps for dinner, and weekend dishes of messy Joes and tacos.

What will she do?

As for gripping adult with her passion for dance, it seems that she can! According to a prison’s admissions handbook, inmates are speedy to attend in aptness activities. Though dance itself is not a module offered, she can do yoga, gymnastics and step gymnastics (and perhaps, once she’s there, run for dance to be combined to a curriculum.

She can also attend in a far-reaching accumulation of other distraction programs, from crochet and animation sketch to strain writing. There are also vocational programs, like Horticulture and Microsoft Office, that aim to assistance inmates find jobs after their release.

How prolonged will she be there?

Miller was condemned to one year and one day in jail after pleading guilty to failure rascal in Jun 2016. Sources told PEOPLE that Miller will expected spend 10 months in prison, afterwards a rest of her judgment in a median house. Ahead of her attainment during Victorville, Miller confessed she feared what was to come.

“I’m fearful of being physically abused or raped,” Miller told PEOPLE in April. “I have to stay busy. If we suspicion about it each day, I’d only lay around and cry.”

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