Doc Rivers goes off on reporter: ‘Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard’

Doc Rivers wasn’t anxious after a Clippers mislaid Game 1 to a Jazz during a buzzer in Los Angeles Saturday night, and one reporter’s postgame doubt usually continued a coach’s frustration.

After Clippers ensure Chris Paul tied a diversion during 95 with 13 seconds to go in a fourth quarter, Jazz brazen Joe Johnson had adequate time to set adult his game-winning jumper and sign Utah’s 97-95 win as a red light went off.

In Rivers’ postgame press conference, Bleacher Report’s Eric Pincus asked because Paul didn’t wait until a five-second symbol to try to even a score. And a manager wasn’t carrying it.

“Who would do that? Why would we ever do that?” Rivers said. “So if we miss, a diversion is over. That creates no sense. That is like a dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. When you’re down two, we try to score. You don’t wait. No, we score.”

Pincus, noticing Rivers’ disbelief during a question, afterwards began to answer it himself: “You rest on your defense. As fast as we can, however we can.”

Doc Rivers wasn't gratified with one reporter's exploration following a Clippers' better during a buzzer.

Doc Rivers wasn’t gratified with one reporter’s exploration following a Clippers’ better during a buzzer.

(Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images)

Rivers abandoned Pincus’ injections, saying, “If we can measure in one second we score. You always do that. And if we can find another manager to tell we opposite we wanna accommodate him.”

“I’ll speak to him,” Pincus said.

Though it was usually Game 1, Rivers had reason to be quite irritable: a Jazz mislaid Rudy Gobert to a knee damage in a opening seconds of a game, that should have done a L.A. favorites’ night easier.

Gobert might be out for a rest of a series, though Rivers will be behind on a Staples Center sideline for Game 2 Tuesday night.

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