Dolphins sojourn focused on Jay Cutler if Ryan Tannehill has surgery

12:24 PM ET

As a Miami Dolphins continue to prop for a odds that Ryan Tannehill will bear medicine to correct stretched ligaments in his left knee, they sojourn focused on Jay Cutler as their tip choice to reinstate him, sources tighten to a conditions pronounced Sunday.

As of Saturday, Cutler was demure about a probable lapse to football, nonetheless he hadn’t done any preference with certainty. Aware of his reluctance, though after a day of no approach communication with Cutler, conduct manager Adam Gase was eventually means to speak to him.

In May, it was announced that Cutler would join Fox Sports as a diversion analyst.

Cutler still has not given a Dolphins an undisguised “no,” a sources said, and a group does have some eagerness to sojourn rather patient, given how many of an astonishing conditions this has turn to all involved.

The group and Cutler’s football agent, Bus Cook, have discussed intensity compensation, and while they weren’t nonetheless means to strech a concede in money, there is not many of a clarity that Cutler’s hostility is simply a precedence play. Instead, if Cutler is going to return, he wants to make certain a sudden change of lifestyle is monetarily worthwhile, sources said.

At this point, if Cutler is to return, it would expected be a outcome of Gase’s convincing. And while a Dolphins positively commend their need for a quarterback, a group (especially Gase) isn’t expected to strech a indicate of recklessness with Cutler. The Dolphins sojourn subtly patient. A longer miss of joining from Cutler would many positively change that inner demeanor.

For now, Cutler and a Dolphins are on a same page: Both comprehend he needs to be 100 percent committed to a lapse to a field. Unless and until he reaches that point, conjunction celebration is meddlesome in relocating forward.

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