Midnight in Moscow. It’s been 4 hours given Donald Trump became a new President of United States. Over a past dual days, we sought out scenes that could paint a feeling for a eventuality in Moscow and maybe illustrate a tie between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin in new months. My investigate was flattering disappointing: many of a people we know here exclude to watch TV, nor did they have any goal of following a coronation ceremonies in Washington.

Around a Red Square, there were some Russian commemoration dolls that etch Trump, sole alongside others of Putin, though nobody seemed to be meddlesome in a subject when we asked. we did find 3 events around amicable networks. At 7 p.m. (11 a.m. in D.C.) during a initial event, a H2 bar around Belorusskaya, a executive metro station, is flattering dull with a few American and Canadian expats celebration beers. we pierce to a outrageous loft not distant from a Ritz-Carlton on Tverskaya Street. That’s a same oppulance hotel where an uncorroborated dossier claimed Trump was during a core of compromising and carnal function during a prior trip.

Here, Maria Katasonova, a immature parliamentary claimant who ran to paint a jingoist celebration Rodina in a final Duma elections, orderly a gathering, a book display (a domestic autobiography of Donald Trump) and discussion on destiny U.S.-Russia relations. The place is not quite full, and a vast triptych portraying Putin, Trump and French far-right personality Marine Le Pen captivated copiousness of courtesy from a media.

The rite is projected on a vast shade though everybody seems some-more meddlesome in chatting than following a inauguration. Surely there is some genuine seductiveness and support for Trump, though a coming is some-more that of a PR event. Not so different, in fact, from a bonus day offering to “U.S. adults only” during Armia Russia, a private association that sells army-branded wardrobe and accessories, on Trump’s vast day. Some Russians, and certainly a care of a country, might have some genuine seductiveness in a control of a new U.S. President and their destiny relations, though as for a perspective from this partial of Moscow on Jan. 20, it seemed to be only another day to do some business.

Davide Monteleone is a photographer formed in Moscow. Follow him on Instagram @davidemonteleonestudio.

Andrew Katz, who edited this print essay, is TIME’s International Multimedia Editor. Follow him on Twitter @katz.