Duke gets Bagley, though NCAA has final word on when destiny NBA lottery collect plays

Marvin Bagley III went on inhabitant radio Monday night, took a No. 35 Duke jersey out of a polka-dot bag — shoutout to Danny Ferry — and announced his written joining to Mike Krzyzewski’s program

It’s a large get, obviously. Bagley, now rated a No. 1 partisan in a category of 2017, is so gifted he has no business even personification college basketball.

“He could start for a Lakers right now,” a manager recruiting Bagley pronounced final week. 

That view is expected common by many NBA scouts who will book flights to Durham privately to see Bagley in a entrance months. But will they indeed see him in games? As Duke fans are rejoicing, inhabitant media are tinkering their preseason rankings and Las Vegas is updating inhabitant championship odds, let’s postponement to consider what’s next.

Yes, Bagley intends to abandon his scheduled comparison year of high propagandize to enroll during Duke and, hopefully, play college basketball in 2017-18. But let’s remember that Bagley has no declaration — nonetheless — from a NCAA, that will confirm his fate. Just since people on TV, Twitter and summary play pronounce as if Bagley will play subsequent deteriorate doesn’t indispensably make it so. 

Yes, it’s utterly possible. But Bagley dogmatic for Duke doesn’t change where he was before to that pledge. Committing to a Blue Devils doesn’t magically make his conditions go away. Where Bagley sits is in a state of doubt since he has not nonetheless been privileged to play this arriving season. 

Bagley reportedly filed paperwork with a NCAA in late Jul to reclassify from 2018 to 2017, yet that focus will not routine until Bagley’s finish twin is submitted. A source told CBS Sports final week that there was still coursework for him to complete. If that is a case, a NCAA has not nonetheless reviewed Bagley’s transcript. Once it does, a initial educational examination routine begins. 

The NCAA will distribute itself 10 days to examination Bagley’s twin and his educational history. This is not about Bagley’s grades, that are pronounced to be good, yet about possibly he will finish a required coursework on an accelerated schedule. He’s attended 3 high schools in as many years, and for a integrate of months when he was 15, was home schooled. Bagley’s past also includes a army during Hillcrest Prep in Arizona, an propagandize that in a past has unsuccessful to accommodate NCAA standards for core march requirements. 

A source told CBS Sports that it’s doubtful a NCAA will take a full 10 days to examination Bagley’s situation, given he’s aiming to get into classes during Duke in a matter of weeks. (Duke’s tumble division starts Aug. 28.). Time is really most of a essence, yet a large different during a impulse is how most coursework Bagley has left. From there, will his twin suffice? Here’s how Bagley will find out: The NCAA sends him an email, he logs into an encrypted site that shows possibly he qualifies. There is a probability his twin comes adult short, statute him incompetent to start a semester. He might qualify, on time, and be privileged to play for Duke for a initial diversion of a deteriorate (Nov. 10 vs. Elon). But if not, it would be no surprise

He will possibly be deemed a full qualifier (immediate clearance, personification for Duke right away), an educational redshirt (can use yet can't play in games; Bagley could interest this decision) or a nonqualifier (would not even be means to be on scholarship;  seen as a slightest expected outcome).

Duke has overcome some tough eligibility cases in a past. Perhaps it will do a same here. If so, a Blue Devils will enter a 2017-18 deteriorate with identical hype to 2016-17. That group was ranked No. 1 in a preseason, wound adult an disproportionate 28-9 and mislaid in a second turn of a NCAA Tournament to South Carolina. If Bagley does breeze adult stalled in his query to play, afterwards Duke faces a repeat of final season, when 2017 first-rounders Jayson Tatum and Harry Giles — since of injury, not eligibility — weren’t accessible to start of a season.  

Bagley is a program-changing player. If he’s on a court, Duke will be a tip story in a sport. If he’s not, his finish diversion stays a 2018 NBA Draft. Bagley could breeze adult unwell to transparent a NCAA’s bar in time, yet finishing adult his coursework after this season. If that happens, he’ll be on a breeze house come June. He’s now a favorite to go initial overall, and a law is, yet college basketball would be some-more constrained with him in it, Bagley might not even need to play a diversion during Duke to keep his mark atop a 2018 crop.

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