Elon Musk Had A Lot To Say About Model 3, And Some People Won’t Be Happy About It

Long before Donald Trump became president, Tesla CEO Elon Musk had already mastered one of Trump’s tricks: Going loyal to his assembly over Twitter. Musk did it again this morning, divulgence a garland of sum about the cars capabilities and facilities when it launches after this year. But in explaining a car’s positioning in Tesla’s lineup, he gave special importance to a thought that Model 3 int’t the “next version” of a Tesla. Rather it’s a smaller, reduction able sedan than a company’s flagship Model S. While that’s expected to satisfy most of a hundreds of thousands of reservation holders, it could leave a few unhappy — generally if they were anticipating to get all circle expostulate (more on that in a moment).

Speaking in terms a Twitter throng expected understands, Musk posted a video and non-stop with an reason of how a Model 3 will fit into a lineup. Although Model S has been around for several years now, spawning a crossover Model X on a same simple platform, a new vehicle won’t be a successor. It’s a lineup expansion, in a same approach Mercedes competence supplement a various of a C-class that’s newer than an S-class yet not as full-featured. Of course, that doesn’t meant there won’t be new technology. Tesla is always iterating, to a indicate that indication years meant small for a company.


Almost ready: Tesla’s Model 3 recover candidate, shown in a video Elon Musk posted to Twitter.

Those who opt for Tesla’s Autopilot technology, for example, will get a Model 3 that should be during slightest as able as a vehicles now on a road. And a self-driving program will be softened over time with a expected outcome that Model S/3/X will all be during parity.

But in other areas, design Model 3 to be some-more like a BMW 3 Series than a 7 Series: lacking some of a many modernized upgrades that compute a top-of-the-line automobile from a smaller, some-more affordable model. In Tesla’s case, Musk is environment some transparent expectations. Model 3, that has been demoed with a singular shade in a console instead of Model S’ hulk twin screen, will boat that way. It also will come adult brief in a few other areas, Musk said. “Only Model S will have a 7 seater option, some-more load space, and aloft range, acceleration, twin screens vs one, automobile extend handles …”

The opening locus is engaging since Tesla selling electric vehicles has some startling implications for those informed with gasoline-powered cars. Typically, smaller, lighter sedans can furnish improved acceleration as moving reduction mass is easier than building ever-larger engines. But Teslas benefit opening by larger liberate of batteries, definition a some-more we have a faster we can go.

In a Model S, that creates a 100 kilowatt-hour indication a fastest, even yet it carries some-more battery weight than cars with smaller battery packs. With Model 3, Tesla is confronting a imprisonment that will extent container distance to usually 75 kw-hrs: a automobile has a shorter wheelbase in that to shoehorn a prosaic container Tesla uses in a chassis. What this means for operation is TBD, yet it puts a top on battery capacity at 3/4 what Model S already has. And Musk says this imprisonment won’t be carried until destiny battery cells turn available. When that will happen, Musk didn’t say. Currently, Tesla rates a Model S P100D during 315 miles of range, top among a offerings.

Musk didn’t quote a figure for Model 3 range, yet did yield an glorious hint. Someone asked either it would compare Chevy’s Bolt, that gets 238 miles per charge. “Oh so small faith,” Musk replied. Presumably that referred to a bottom indication of a Model 3, that competence offer 20-30% reduction operation than a top-end 75 kw-hr version. So 300 miles of operation isn’t out of a doubt even if 315 is. (It’s a protected gamble that for selling reasons, whatever bottom container is enclosed will be rated during or above a Bolt.)

But that’s not a usually locus in that Model 3 won’t compare a large brother. In sequence to facilitate initial production, Tesla won’t offer a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive various of Model 3 until 6-9 months after a initial cars come off a line. Musk says this is to facilitate matters and given Tesla’s past issues with ramping adult prolongation is presumably a essential choice. But it means those early reservation holders who hoped to get a entirely optioned indication shortly after shipments start are going to be disappointed. Their choice will be to accept one of a some-more singular early configurations or wait until twin engine becomes available.

This flips a book a bit on Tesla’s past, where a many expensive, highest-optioned vehicles rolled out first, especially to move in a many money as fast as possible. That Tesla isn’t doing it that approach this turn is a good pointer that a association is feeling reduction vigour to pull high-margin vehicles adult front. Further, simpler, lower-end models are reduction expected to have peculiarity control problems like those that tormented a difficult Model X. (Musk described woeful releasing a X with so many facilities and suggested he’d do things differently in a future. Apparently, he has.)

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