Everything We Know About Nintendo Switch

Art by Sam Woolley

Nintendo’s new video diversion console, a Nintendo Switch, will be out on Mar 3, 2017 opposite all territories. It’ll cost $300 in a U.S..


Here’s what we schooled during tonight’s large live show.


The Nintendo Switch will launch worldwide on Mar 3, 2017 and will cost $300 in a United States. Here’s what that $300 will get you:

Left to right, tip to bottom: The Switch, one of dual options for Joy-Con, a Switch Dock, a Joy-Con Grip, dual Joy-Con straps, an AC Adapter, and an HDMI cable.


The Switch will launch with an online use that works by your “smart device.” You’ll be means to play online and discuss with your friends regulating your intelligent device. The online use will be giveaway during launch, yet in tumble of 2017 Nintendo will start to assign for it.


The Switch is a hybrid handheld/set-top console that we can play on your TV or on a go. We got our initial central demeanour behind in October, yet several contribution about a console had been heavily rumored over a march of 2016. You’ll be means to buy one of dual opposite versions: one with grey Joy-Con controllers, and one with multi-colored controllers.

The Nintendo Switch Dock will concede a Switch to block directly into your TV, regulating possibly a detached Nintendo Switch Pro Controller or a enclosed Joy-Con controllers to play it like we would a normal set-top console.

Below a TV, we can see a Switch Dock.

What sets a Switch detached from other gaming consoles is a fact that we can mislay a Switch from a wharf during any time and immediately resume personification on a go.

The console will start outputting to a built-in 6.2 in. display, and we can collect adult right where we left off. Nintendo claims a Switch can get adult to 6 hours, yet “will change depending on a program and use conditions.” They contend The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild can be played for 3 hours on a charge.



The handheld Switch can be charged while you’re personification with a USB-c cable, that we can block true into a Switch AC adapter. The shade uses a capacitive reason panel, and we can bond adult to 8 Switch consoles locally around wifi.


The detachable Joy-Con controllers have a flattering stupid name, and hopefully we’ll only start job them Switch Controllers before too long. For now, though, Joy-Con it is. (Per Nintendo, a plural of Joy-Con appears to be “Joy-Con.”)

The Joy-Con can be popped off a side of a Switch like so…

Above: A still from a Switch exhibit trailer.

..and used to play two-player games.


Each Joy-Con has a joystick, 4 face buttons, an accelerometer, and any has dual small lovable small L and R shoulder buttons.

There will also be Joy-Con tone variations, that demeanour nifty.



The right Joy-Con has an AR camera that can tell how distant your palm is divided from it—for example, it can tell a disproportion between a palm creation rock, paper, or scissors. It’s also got some allegedly nifty quivering features, and a Nintendo malcontent was flattering high on what he called “HD Rumble.” The right Joy-Con also has a NFC reader/writer, that can review Amiibo data. The left Joy-Con has a “capture” symbol identical to a PS4, that will let we constraint screenshots as good as, eventually, video.

The Joy-Con can be trustworthy to a Joy-Con tag that slides over a end, adding a wrist-strap and some-more distinguished L and R buttons. They can also be total with a Joy-Con Grip in a center into a singular controller with a same series of thumbsticks and buttons you’d find on a Nintendo Pro Controller. The Switch shade has a stand, that will let we mount it on finish and play two-player games on a go.

You can watch a demo of a Joy-Con here:


Unlike past Nintendo consoles, Nintendo Switch will not have program segment locking. Rejoice!


Nintendo started their games demonstrations with a collection of minigames called 1 2 Switch, that will players can play with dual Joy-Cons away from a screen.

Above: 1 2 Switch

It looks like there’ll be minigames like tennis, wild-west quickdraw, swordfighting, sorcery casting, and more. Each diversion involves station subsequent to a shade and looking directly during your opponent.

Above: Arms

Next they showed Arms, a fantastical fighting diversion where players use a controllers to fire huge, elastic fighting gloves during one another. It looks unequivocally Nintendo, and flattering fun. You reason can control your punches and even bend long-range punches by sloping and rambling a Joy-Con as we play. Gonna be a lot of bruise arms after personification this one. You can play online, locally with an additional set of Joy-Cons, and can also play locally with another Switch.

Above: Splatoon 2

Next adult was Splatoon 2, a supplement to a widely desired Wii U multiplayer shooter. You can play a diversion with a Joy-Con, or with a Switch Pro Controller. It’ll also support gyro controls. This one will also support online multiplayer, as good as internal rival play with other Switch owners. It’ll be out summer 2017.

Above: Super Mario Odyssey

Next adult came a small Italian associate we might have listened of named Mario. (Or is that Wario? THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE.) Nintendo showed off a new 3D Mario diversion called Super Mario Odyssey. It looks really, unequivocally good. we wish to play it right now. There were electric guitars and a hulk mech climbing a skyscraper? Bowser had on steel boots? In this game, Mario will be withdrawal a Mushroom Kingdom for a genuine world, with cities and other real-world settings branch adult as levels in a game. Mario also has a special top (with eyes!) that will “play an critical purpose in [his] journey.” Nintendo describes it as a “sandbox-style” game, and it’ll be out Holiday 2017. Basically, it’s a new 3D Mario, folks. Buckle up.

Above: Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Next Nintendo showed Xenoblade Chronicles 2, that certain looks like some JRPG shit that Jason will love. Or not, formed on a fact that we don’t consider he favourite a initial Xenoblade Chronicles. They also showed a brief teaser for Fire Emblem: Warriors, a new Shin Megami Tensei game, and a new Square Enix JRPG called Octopath Traveler.

Above: Octopath Traveler

With a JRPGs taken caring of, Bethesda’s Todd Howard incited adult to announce Skyrim is indeed entrance to a Nintendo Switch as expected.



Near a finish of a event, Nintendo showed a sax-tastic hiss tilt with a ton of third-party games including I Am Setsuna and Minecraft. You can watch that shave here:

Go get it, saxophonist!

At a unequivocally finish of a show, Nintendo showed a ridiculously prohibited trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild and announced that a diversion will be out on Mar 3 along with a Switch.

Also Confirmed: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild, Shovel Knight, Just Dance 2017, Dragon Quest X, Dragon Quest XII, Dragon Quest Heroes 1 2, FIFA.

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