Everything You Need To Know About The ‘Call Of Duty: World War II’ Reveal

Credit: Sledgehammer Games/Activision

Call of Duty earnings to a World War II roots. Here’s all we need to know about a game.

Today was a large exhibit of Call of Duty: World War II. The exhibit eventuality enclosed a unequivocally good trailer for a game, as good as some contention with a game’s directors and lead actors. Here’s all we need to know about a game.

The Campaign

Call of Duty: World War II returns to a European locus of a second Great War. As in Call of Duty 2: Big Red One, players will once again find themselves in a famed 1st Infantry Division, alighting on a beaches of Normandy before fighting their proceed by France, Belgium and eventually Nazi Germany. “Welcome to a Bloody 1st,” a infantryman says during a finish of a trailer.

Of course, this time around a whole thing will be in overwhelming HD. Certainly a trailer looks amazing, during slightest graphically speaking. A lot has altered in video games since 2008, when World during War came out, let alone a prior WW2 themed Call of Duty games. The campaign, as good as multiplayer, will embody chronological locations and a true-to-history arsenal.

Here’s a central blurb:

Featuring a tellurian expel of characters opposite Europe, players will follow a retaining story of Ronald “Red” Daniels, a immature United States Army private, as he and his squad, a mythological US 1st Infantry Division, trek by a harrowing European museum of war. Joining Allied army from a U.K. and a French Resistance, opposite a beaches of Normandy, to a ransom of Paris and eventually into Germany, a patrol contingency quarrel alongside a tellurian and opposite expel of characters to grasp victory. The story debate delivers a dirty flawlessness and cinematic power of WWII combat, honoring a memorable intrepidity of a Fighting First.


While Sledgehammer Games didn’t plead (let alone show) many of a game’s multiplayer in action, they did share a few new sum such as a new Headquarters amicable space, Divisions, War Mode and a lapse to boots-on-the-ground gameplay, instead of double-jumping, jetpacking, wall-running and so forth.

  • Headquarters
    Offering a strong amicable space dedicated to rendezvous off a frontlines, Headquarters paves a proceed for all-new avenues of Multiplayer interaction, approval and awards distinct anything gifted in a authorization to date.
  • Divisions
    A new proceed to rivet in a player’s Multiplayer career – Divisions douse players in a drastic tour of enlisting in a world’s many ancestral war. Choose from a accumulation of Divisions, including Infantry and Armored Divisions.
  • War Mode
    A new Multiplayer knowledge that immerses players in iconic World War II battles, where Allied and Axis strife in team-driven gameplay in a quarrel for vital objectives.
  • Boots-on-the-Ground Gameplay
    Multiplayer outlines a lapse to iconic boots on a belligerent Call of Duty gameplay that fans know and love, featuring an arsenal of World War II-era weapons, and fast-paced, heart-pumping, heated run-and-gun action.

Nazi Zombies

Credit: Sledgehammer Games/Activision

Zombie mode earnings to Call of Duty WW2.

I was anticipating we’d get a new take on multiplayer commune yet it looks like we’re in for some-more zombies this year. Sigh. It’s not that zombies are bad, it’s only that a regulation is wearing a small skinny during this point. I’d adore to see a opposite kind of commune mode for a change. I’m certain Nazi Zombies will still be fun. Nothing some-more fun to kill than Nazis and Zombies, so putting a dual together only creates sense. Still, I’d adore to see Call of Duty bend out and try new things.

Release Date

Call of Duty: World War II will launch on Nov 3rd. That’s a Friday. Most games launch on Tuesdays, yet Activision started releasing games on Friday so that gamers would have a weekend to play them, that is kind of cool.


While we know a diversion will be entrance to PS4, Xbox One and PC, Activision hasn’t indeed indispensably ruled out a Switch. we doubt it’s entrance to Nintendo’s new platform, not indispensably given it’s underpowerd yet given of a questions surrounding multiplayer, yet we wish it does. we wish to play Call of Duty: World War II on a go!

I also consternation what kind of fealty we’ll see on PS4 Pro and a Xbox Scorpio compared to a bottom versions of those systems.

Credit: Sledgehammer/Activision

There will be tanks.

Multiplayer Beta is PS4 First

Pre-ordering a diversion will get we into a sealed beta. It’s entrance initial to PlayStation 4, stability a franchise’s PlayStation First proceed this generation. I’m flattering certain a sealed beta will be followed by an open beta, yet there’s no central word on that yet.

The Trailer

I pronounce a small bit about a trailer in this post, yet here it is again in all a graphical WW2 splendor:


Here’s a gallery of central screenshots and some trailer screengrabs. The diversion looks positively gorgeous:


Credit: Sledgehammer Games/Activision

‘Call of Duty: World War II’ box-art.

Turns out a unequivocally initial picture of a diversion we saw when it was announced final week is also a box-art. I’m a small astounded during how mellow it is. Just a mural of a infantryman with his hands folded over a boundary of a rifle, dog-tags wrapped around his fingers. No explosions, nobody rising from a margin of glow and smoke.

I kind of like it. It’s classy, even yet sure, it’s only another box-art featuring a white masculine soldier. It’s not as evocative as the Battlefield 1 box-art, yet there’s something to be pronounced for a some-more solemn proceed to what was a truly comfortless eventuality in universe history.

The Season Pass

The deteriorate pass is typically $49.99 for Call of Duty though this year’s isn’t listed in a press release. The disclaimer also reads:

Season Pass purchasers accept 2018 Call of Duty: WWII Season Pass content. Season Pass calm is not final, is theme to change, and might not embody all downloadable calm accessible for a game. Season Pass calm might not be accessible in all countries, and pricing and recover dates might change by platform. Season Pass calm should be downloaded from a in-game store only; do not squeeze separately, or we will be charged again. Season Pass calm might be sole separately.

So design some zombie stuff, some new map packs, and so forth, yet Activision could also sell some-more calm outward of a Season Pass as well.

Game Editions

There are 3 diversion editions this time around, yet now a sum are a bit on a brief side given dual of a editions embody a Season Pass, etc. “and more” and we don’t know what “and more” means:

  • Base Edition and Digital Base Edition – Suggested Retail Price $59.99.
  • Digital Deluxe Edition – Season Pass and more, SRP $99.99.
  • Pro Edition – Season Pass, collectible SteelbookTM and more, SRP $99.99


I unequivocally favourite Sledgehammer’s debut Call of Duty game, Advanced Warfare, and while I’m of dual minds—both unhappy to not have a supplement to that diversion and happy to leave unconventional Call of Duty behind for now—I eventually have faith that this will be a good game.

Yes, Sledgehammer and Activision are personification it protected by revisiting Normandy and a European museum of war. There doesn’t demeanour to be many that’s wholly new here. What is new, however, is that this is a Call of Duty diversion set in a strange franchise’s time duration with complicated day graphics and technology. That should be adequate to sell copiousness of people, myself included.

As distant as a exhibit event, we desired a trailer and a behind a scenes footage was fun, yet a whole thing felt distant too scripted. we unequivocally wish companies like Activision would do divided with these rarely staged, rarely scripted events and only let lax a little. Show us some gameplay, uncover us some multiplayer, chuck us some-more bones, don’t be so self-congratulatory (like reading cherry-picked tweets that are naturally going to be a many certain out there.) It’s only a small too cringe-worthy. we feel like Michael and Glen are both cold guys, and we wish Activision would only let them pronounce a bit some-more openly rather than review off bullet points. People respond good to sincerity, and in a age of amicable media and YouTube, that resonates some-more than ever compared to this kind of thing.

I unequivocally do consider many Call of Duty gamers are vehement about this, other than a few of my readers (you know who we are!) who consider withdrawal behind sci-fi transformation in sold is a bad idea. Others consider WW2 is overplayed and wish this were Korea or Vietnam. Hell, we consider it would be engaging to set an whole Call of Duty diversion in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, etc. and go full post-9/11. But I’m still happy to see a big-budget take on WW2.

What do we consider of a trailer, a exhibit and a diversion in general? Let me know in a comments and on Twitter and Facebook.

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