Expert picks for each vital NBA award, from MVP to Coach of a Year

James Harden: 3 votes

KURTENBACH: There is no improper answer between Harden and Russell Westbrook, though eventually we trust Harden’s potency — no one has combined some-more points per diversion with a loyal sharpened commission that high in NBA story — is some-more critical than a disproportion between 9 and 10 rebounds a diversion (particularly when during slightest one of those rebounds comes around stat padding). And we don’t buy a evidence that Westbrook’s teammates are any worse than Harden’s.

POLLAKOFF: In an intensely parsimonious competition that came down to Harden vs. Westbrook, a group success of a Rockets is what eventually gave Harden a edge. The endowment has historically been about noticing a best actor on one of a league’s tip few teams, and a Thunder finishing 10th in a league-wide standings harm Westbrook’s case.

LYNCH: Making a preference in this awards competition physically hurts.

I’ve left behind and onward on a 3 tip possibilities (sorry, Kawhi Leonard) for a past month, and unequivocally for a whole season. LeBron is a best actor on a planet. We’ll substantially bewail not giving him a endowment each year when we demeanour behind on this era, though so be it. If The King wants his crown, he has to work for it only like everybody else.

Westbrook is phenomenal, of course, as a Thunder would be cursed though him. Yet we can’t get over a word “valuable.” 

Even if Harden has improved teammates, he’s a skeleton pivotal that unlocks this Rockets group in all a glory. After all, it’s not like Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon were environment a universe on glow before they teamed adult with The Beard. 

Harden combined a many value, in terms of winning basketball games, of a 4 vital possibilities this season. That creates him a MVP.

Now go divided before we change my mind again, please.

Russell Westbrook: 2 votes

VERGARA: He averaged a triple-double, though it’s some-more than that. He took a group that mislaid a best actor and got zero behind and carried it to roughly 50 wins. Harden, LeBron and Kawhi were great, though their teams still make a playoffs though them. Not a Thunder.

INGRASSIA: What’s been some-more fascinating this season: Watching Russell Westbrook normal a triple-double this deteriorate or listening to all a articulate heads disagree he doesn’t merit a MVP? You can mark shade “cheap rebounds” and declaim metrics all we want, I’ll take story on this one and conclude witnessing something we never suspicion I’d get to see.

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