Expert Predictions for Week 4 in College Football

    MichiganTony Ding/Associated Press

    Matt Hayes

    Zero in a Top 10, yet there will be destruction in a Top 25. I’ve already selected Georgia and TCU to lose, and let’s supplement Florida (at Kentucky) and San Diego State (at Air Force). Imagine a fear in Gainesville when Kentucky snaps a 30-game losing strain to a Gators.


    David Kenyon

    I’m going with zero, so that approaching means Team Chaos is about to browbeat Week 4. we cruise Alabama, Washington and Michigan have too many invulnerability for a underdogs to overcome, while a offenses of Oklahoma, Penn State and USC will propel those teams. 


    Adam Kramer

    I’ll contend one, and we trust it has a possibility to come from a few places—the many approaching being Colorado, that has unequivocally finished a excellent pursuit reloading and could pull Washington. That will be a “upset” we pick, since observant “none” unequivocally is tedious and not all that good for anyone. Other places we would consider? Iowa City, for certain. While Penn State is a many some-more gifted team, things get bizarre during Kinnick during night games. we could also see Purdue pulling Michigan, that is not a judgment we approaching to be typing for like 12 some-more years.


    Kerry Miller

    In any of a final 3 seasons, during slightest one AP Top 10 mislaid to an unranked competition by a finish of Week 3. You don’t severely cruise we’re removing by 4 weeks yet such an upset, do you? In fact, we cruise we could see as many as 3 Top 10 teams go down on a highway this week. Purdue can really kick a Michigan we’ve seen so far. Colorado is going to be one heck of a initial loyal exam for Washington. And when have we ever famous Iowa to only hurl over and die opposite a pretension contender? The Hawkeyes could startle Penn State.


    Brad Shepard

    Zero. The ones that will come a closest are Michigan during Purdue and Penn State during Iowa, yet conjunction will lose. This is a week where everybody takes notice of only how good of a manager a Boilermakers have in Jeff Brohm, who is going to be one of a hottest names in what could be a dumb offseason. But they don’t utterly nonetheless have a ammo to take down a Wolverines. (They’ll cover a double-digit spread, though.) Colorado might make a bit of sound opposite Washington, yet it won’t win, either. 


    Greg Wallace

    This isn’t a classical “Showdown Saturday” of college football, a fact that ESPN seemed to strengthen by fixation College GameDay in that remarkable CFB Mecca, Times Square (?!?!). However, it could be a fun Saturday with mixed Top 10 teams entering antagonistic environments. I’m not certain it will shake adult a polls a good deal, yet we could be wrong. Alabama will hoop Vanderbilt easily, and same for Oklahoma during a unlucky Baylor program. USC will advantage from final week’s double-OT wake-up call opposite Texas, and I’m still not shopping into Purdue opposite a peculiarity Big Ten foe. Washington-Colorado has classical #Pac12AfterDark created all over it, and Kinnick Stadium can be a lizard array for ranked foes (ask Michigan, Penn State). I’m going to contend dual Top 10 teams go down Saturday. 

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