Facebook think Steve Stephens wanted opposite US

Media captionThe think pronounced he was looking for victims in a video posted on Facebook

A national manhunt is underneath approach in a US for a think who shot passed a grandfather on a travel apparently during pointless and posted a footage.

The suspect, Steve Stephens, pronounced in another video post that he had killed 13 people and would kill more.

He shot passed 74-year-old Robert Godwin in Ohio as a plant walked home from Easter lunch on Sunday afternoon.

Facebook has launched a examination of a procedures after critique that a footage stayed on a site for hours.

Justin Osofsky, Facebook’s vice-president of tellurian operations, pronounced a initial censure done about a video display a murdering came scarcely dual hours after it was posted.

But he added: “We know we need to do better.”

A ‘monster’ who ‘just snapped’

Facebook to examination aroused calm policies

Police have asked residents of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania to be on a alert, observant think could be anywhere.

Cleveland military dialect have released a print of Mr Stephens, 37, on a website, describing him as a black male, 6ft 1in (1.86m) and 244lb (110kg).

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Mr Godwin was a grandfather and father of nine

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams told reporters on Monday that Mr Stephens, who has a looseness to lift a secluded firearm, is armed “without a doubt”.

Cleveland officials have also offering a $50,000 (£39,805) prerogative for information that leads to his location.

His mobile phone vigilance was final tracked on Sunday afternoon in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams pronounced in a press discussion on Monday morning: “Steve is still out there some place… we’re still seeking Steve to spin himself in, though if he doesn’t we’ll find him.”

FBI Special Agent Stephen Anthony said: “Quite frankly, he could be in a lot of places.”

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Steve Stephens claimed to have killed some-more than a dozen others

US Marshall Peter Elliot pronounced law coercion agencies opposite a US were assisting emanate a dragnet to “make this individual’s universe very, very, unequivocally small”.

Investigators pronounced Mr Stephens’ exaggerate about other killings was still not verified.

Police contend a plant in Sunday’s striking video seemed to have been comparison during random.

The think approaches Mr Godwin and asks him to contend a name of a lady believed to be a gunman’s former girlfriend, before sharpened him in a head.

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Mr Godwin appears to try to defense himself with a cosmetic bag

“Can we do me a favour?” asks a gunman. “Can we contend Joy Lane?”

The plant says: “Joy Lane.”

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Cleveland Police

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Police released a print of a suspect

Mr Stephen says: “Yeah, she’s a reason because all this about to occur to you. How aged are you?”

The grandfather and father of 9 appears to try to defense himself by holding adult a cosmetic bag.

The woman, Joy Lane, reliable to CBS News that she and Mr Stephen had been in a “relationship for several years”.

“I am contemptible that all of this has happened. My heart prayers goes out to a family members of a victim(s). Steve unequivocally is a good guy… he is inexhaustible with everybody he knows.

“He was kind and amatory to me and my children,” she wrote in a content message.

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Police trust a suspect’s automobile might have been newly purchased

Maggie Green, a suspect’s mother, told CNN that he was “mad with his girlfriend. That’s because he is sharpened people and he won’t stop until his mom or partner tell him to stop.”

Mr Stephens is employed by Beech Brook, a children’s behavioural health agency, according to a association spokesman.

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