‘Fate of a Furious’ Surprise Screening Revs Up Exhibitors during CinemaCon

A previously unannounced CinemaCon screening of Universal’s “Fate of a Furious” left exhibitors feeling that a authorization has copiousness of gas left in a tank — reduction than 3 weeks before to a Apr 14 launch.

“There was so many action, that is great, some-more than even a last,” one pronounced on vacating a Wednesday morning screening during Caesars Palace. “It’s going to do really good business.”

The 7 preceding “Fast and Furious” films have generated $3.9 billion in worldwide box bureau with a many recent, “Furious 7,” holding in a overwhelming $1.5 billion worldwide. The authorization has assimilated “Jurassic Park” as Universal’s many successful.


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Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Kurt Russell, authorization visitor Charlize Theron, and executive F. Gary Gray were on palm to benefaction a film, a eighth in a authorization and initial to not star Paul Walker, who died in a 2013 automobile crash. Theron plays a knave focussed on starting World War III by luring Diesel’s Dom Toretto into a partnership by dredging adult secrets from his past.

“Fate of a Furious” was shot in as Mývatn, Havana, Atlanta, Cleveland, and New York City. The new film facilities a common share of heartless fights and jaw-dropping stunts — such as cars raining down from a building to stop a office — and a submarine on a Russian tundra.

Ludacris, Gibson, and Jason Statham supply a comic service and Helen Mirren delivers a remarkable spin as a mom of Statham’s character. Diesel choked adult during a display in remembering Walker, and how a late actor had betrothed that there would be an eighth film.

Diesel remarkable that dual some-more “Furious” films are coming. The studio has already set a ninth for recover on Apr 19, 2019, and a 10th on Apr 2, 2021.

The universe premiere for “Fate of a Furious” will take place on Apr 4 in Beijing.

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