‘Fate of a Furious’ to Kick-Start New Trilogy in Franchise, Vin Diesel Says

Universal astounded a CinemaCon assembly by debuting The Fate of a Furious, a eighth installment in Universal’s strike franchise, in full Wednesday.

Star-producer Vin Diesel took a theatre to speak about a franchise, that he’s been a partial of given a beginning. “One of a things we’re so unapproachable of with this section is how most we defied expectations,” pronounced Diesel.

A ninth and tenth installment have also already been announced.

“As a universe sees this movie, they’ll see how a a commencement of a new trilogy,” Diesel said, adding that certain characters were brought in for this new trilogy.

The late star Paul Walker, who died in a automobile pile-up before a seventh film was released, was on a mind of Diesel as he took a stage. “Part of Paul’s bequest lives by each support that we shoot,” Diesel said. “There’s something pleasing about that.”

Diesel pronounced it was indeed Walker who had betrothed an eighth section in a franchise, and so he has always kept that in his mind. “We never wish to let him down,” Diesel pronounced to acclaim from a audience.

Diesel was assimilated onstage by executive F. Gary Gray, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Kurt Russell and new further Charlize Theron, who plays a villain. 

“The final time we was on this theatre we were here with Paul Walker. We pierce and work in respect of a brother,” pronounced Gibson.

The authorization has been a tack of a studio’s annual display in new years, with a recover date for Fast Furious 7 being announced on that really stage in 2013, as good as a recover date for a eighth installment being suggested there in 2015.

The Fate of a Furious, which hits theaters on Apr 14, also stars Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez and Scott Eastwood.

The film sees Diesel’s Dom being seduced by a lady and descending into a universe of crime, betraying those closest to him.

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