FLOATING: a solar obscure – 8/21/17

It lasted usually a small over a notation though a whole routine of a moon, entirely black to a eyes behind a special solar glasses, a routine of removing to assemblage took about an hour and a half as a black moon nibbled it’s approach opposite a orange object bit by bit formulating several form of yin-yang relations during one indicate being a ideal yin-yang design. Half sun. Half moon. Half orange. Half black. Traveling during 1800 miles per hour, we could feel a moon’s prevalence and determination. It’s personal strength to unqualified a pre-determined destiny. The local Americans centuries ago believed that a object and a moon were carrying sex during a solar eclipse. When everybody in a small park in Wyoming where we was examination began applauding during a impulse it got dulcet dim and a object was entirely lonesome with a ideal round moon, there was a felt clarity of accomplishment, mutuality, togetherness, maybe for only as prolonged as it takes to have a mutual orgasm! Not a bad outline of being in a Zone of Totality.

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