Floyd Mayweather leans on Conor McGregor hitch in taxation petition, asks IRS for proxy reprieve

12:07 PM ET

Floyd Mayweather says he can’t compensate off his 2015 taxation guilt until after he gets income from his Aug. 26 quarrel opposite Conor McGregor.

The fighter filed a Tax Court petition on Jul 5 that asks a IRS to concede him a postpone until a fight.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor will revisit Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and London to foster their megafight on Aug. 26.

“Although a taxpayer has estimable assets, those resources are limited and essentially illiquid,” a petition said, according to a authorised website Law360. “The taxpayer has a poignant liquidity eventuality scheduled in about 60 days from that he intends to compensate a change of a 2015 taxation guilt due and outstanding.”

It is not famous how most income Mayweather owes, though a IRS had formerly argued that Mayweather had a resources to compensate it immediately, even if it meant offered skill or holding out a loan, Law360 reported.

Mayweather done about $220 million from his quarrel with Manny Pacquiao on May 2, 2015. Mayweather common on amicable media a print of a $100 million check — his guaranteed purse from a quarrel — that did not have taxes deducted from it. Sources reliable during a time that a check was genuine.

Mayweather is approaching to make a identical volume for a McGregor fight.

The petition also asks to revoke a chastisement Mayweather perceived from not profitable all of his taxes for a year.

The failure-to-pay chastisement is typically 0.5 percent of a due taxes for any month, according to a IRS website. Mayweather’s 2015 taxes are now 15 months past due, that would equal a 7.5 percent assign on tip of what is owed.

Mayweather, 40, has warranted approximately $700 million in his 49-fight veteran career, according to a Forbes repository estimate.

In an talk with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith in 2015, Mayweather showed Smith his Las Vegas home garage with 7 cars that he pronounced were value “close to $15 million.” Mayweather told Smith that he owned a cars though did not expostulate them.

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