Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor: Everything You Need to Know for Megafight

    UFC ownership, fighting promoters and UFC fighters are all stakeholders in this event.Christian Petersen/Zuffa LLC/Getty Images

    Mayweather vs. McGregor is a blockbuster event, and there are some-more than a few stakeholders involved. While a dual competitors are a ones putting their lives on a line, they lift their sports’ repute into a ring with them. Because of that, it’s value deliberating what they, and those around them, mount to benefit or lose.


    Floyd Mayweather

    In theory, Mayweather has a good understanding during risk in this fight. A vast partial of his code is tied to his ideal record, and The Money Team is already prepping to hurl out 50-0 sell commemorating his violation Rocky Marciano’s 62-year-old undefeated record. With that kind of record on a line, there’s no flattering approach to take a loss…but being felled by a 0-0 McGregor would criticise a legitimacy of his whole career. 

    That said, this essay isn’t previewing a hitch involving Floyd “Records” Mayweather or Floyd “Legitimacy” Mayweather. This is Floyd “Money” Mayweather, and win or lose, he stands to live adult to his nickname on Aug 26.

    If he wins, he launches a new call of sell and cashes a nine-figure check for his efforts. If he loses? His undefeated strain vanishes, yet he still cashes that nine-figure check and afterwards gets to demeanour brazen to a blockbuster rematch. Quite simply, even if Mayweather loses, he still wins.


    Conor McGregor

    Like Mayweather, McGregor is fundamentally in a no-lose situation. Even if he gets steamrolled in a ring, it does small to harm his code in MMA circles, and he still walks divided a much, many richer man. Unlike Mayweather, however, McGregor stands to benefit a whole lot in victory.

    In a same approach Mayweather used Oscar De La Hoya as a trampoline to burst to new heights of sketch power, McGregor is looking to use Money as a launchpad for himself, usually from a many aloft starting point. 

    If McGregor pulls off a upset, he now becomes a biggest star in boxing, as good as MMA. He’ll be called out by everybody from undone former champion Paulie Malignaggi to UFC contender Tony Ferguson to a leader of Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin. And of course, his seeking cost for a quarrel will arise tenfold. 

    There is small to remove for McGregor, yet so, so many to gain.


    The UFC

    In a short-term, Mayweather vs. McGregor is a vital asset for a UFC. It loans out one of a athletes for this hitch and rakes in tens of millions of dollars for an eventuality it has no genuine palm in. Money for nothing, essentially.

    There are, however, a few opposite ways that this could come behind to punch a UFC, and MMA as a whole.

    First and foremost, if McGregor takes a lopsided, nauseous loss, it will simulate feeble on a sport. It wouldn’t indispensably be a harmful blow to a reputation, yet with this eventuality being marketed essentially to a many infrequent of fans, there will be some-more than a few H2O coolers opposite a republic with discussions of how “those UFC guys can’t fight” a following Monday.

    Second, if McGregor manages to win, there is a genuine possibility his days as a churned martial artist end. As stated, in feat McGregor now becomes a tip star in fighting and will have a series of opponents backing adult to face him. With a UFC committed to an rough compensate structure, McGregor stands to make significantly some-more off a ho-hum fighting compare than a blockbuster MMA fight, and unless that changes, there is small inducement for him to get behind into a cage.

    Finally, if a quarrel ends adult being a tedious eventuality in possibly direction, design business to take a drop in both fighting and MMA in a evident aftermath, identical to what fighting gifted following Mayweather’s 2015 compare with Manny Pacquiao.



    Mayweather stands to benefit a lot. McGregor stands to benefit a lot. The UFC stands to benefit a lot. The rest of a fighting world, though? It’s picking adult a check for this event.

    From a quantitative perspective, this hitch is heavy for fighting promoters. Shortly after this compare was done official, De La Hoya (the conduct of Golden Boy Promotions) railed opposite it, expected due to a strike he stands to take from fighting fans who will be reduction than prone to buy his Alvarez vs. Golovkin pay-per-view a following month. He expected isn’t alone, either; that basin could widen on for a length of time, depending on how a compare goes.

    From a qualitative perspective, things could finish adult even worse. While McGregor is an achieved churned martial artist, there are few ways to spin someone from another sport’s walking in and defeating a biggest fighter of a final 20 years in his initial match. While it’s not fair, this would be a tough shot to boxing’s repute among infrequent fans that could dawdle for a foreseeable future.

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