Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor play-by-play and live coverage

LAS VEGAS – MMAjunkie is on a stage and stating live from today’s fighting showdown between Floyd Mayweather and UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor, and we can join us for live coverage commencement during 6 p.m. ET (3 p.m. PT).

The eventuality takes place during T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas and front on pay-per-view following prelims on FOX. It’s headlined by nothing other than a rarely expected “Money Fight” between Mayweather (49-0 boxing) and McGregor (21-3 MMA, 9-1 UFC), who will demeanour to startle a universe in his veteran fighting debut.

To plead a show, be certain to check out a live video chat with MMAjunkie Radio’s “Gorgeous” George and Goze. You can also get behind-the-scenes coverage and other eventuality records from on-site reporters John Morgan (@MMAjunkieJohn), Mike Bohn (@MikeBohnMMA), as good as USA TODAY Sports’ Martin Rogers (@mrogersUSAT).

Be certain to modernise mostly for updates. Complete formula (as they happen) of a whole night’s bouts are during a bottom. Enjoy a event, everyone.


Update No. 1, 5:51 p.m. ET – We. Are underway!

Update No. 2, 6:32 p.m. ET – A demeanour into a future?

Update No. 3, 7:33 p.m. ET – Merchandise galore during T-Mobile Arena.

Update No. 4, 9:12 p.m. ET – Where is everyone? The pay-per-view is underway.

Update No. 5, 10:24 P.M. ET – The throng roars for McGregor.

Update No. 6, 11:47 P.M. ET – We’re in a delay!

Update No. 7, 11:56 P.M. ET – Good news!

Update No. 8, 12:06 A.M. ET – McGregor and Mayweather make their approach to a ring.

Round 1 – After an extended examination of a manners before to a start, we are underway – and a throng is electric. McGregor out fast in a southpaw position and looks to pull a pace. Mayweather opposite a ropes and operative a high guard.McGregor switches stances a bit as he drives to a physique and head. Mayweather moves right and studies. McGregor pawing with a poke and pushing in a left hand. He scores adult top. Some switching from McGregor, yet it’s mostly his southpaw stance. McGregor taunts and puts a hands behind a back. McGregor gripping his competition during fury with a jab. Left palm goes to a body. McGregor changeable side to side. Mayweather nonetheless to unequivocally commit. He rushes in and gets hold by an uppercut. McGregor looks gentle as he binds range. Bell sounds, and McGregor takes a first, 10-9.
Unofficial score: 10-9 McGregor.

Round 2 – They accommodate fast in a center. Mayweather backs adult to a corner. McGregor lacing in punches yet is mostly missing. He gets warned for grabbing a behind of a head. Mayweather moves out to a center. McGregor still doing a excellent pursuit of gripping during a stretch where usually he can land. Mayweather display good conduct transformation in invulnerability and lands a good right to a body. McGregor dropping his palm s a bit, mouth-watering an attack. Mayweather clinches. Referee breaks them apart. Mayweather leaps in with a good right hand. They get in tight, and McGregor grabs reason and clinches, On a restart, Mayweather again ducks, and McGregor happily grabs hold. He’s warned again. Bell sounds, and MMAjunkie gives it again to McGregor, 10-9.
Unofficial score: 20-18 McGregor.

Round 3 – McGregor smiled in his dilemma between rounds. He’s again out fast and looking to pull a pace. Mayweather ducks, and McGregor warned for entrance over a tip to a behind of a head. Mayweather lands a good right to a body, yet McGregor ties him up. Mayweather perplexing to pull a small more, yet McGregor is looking for a large counter. More clinches and another warning. Quick start on a break, and McGregor pops Mayweather’s conduct behind with a few jabs. McGregor dropping his hands and popping his jab. Mayweather unctuous in a few plain right hands now from time to time. Another bind warned for McGregor. McGregor perplexing to time a large uppercut. He switches stances again. Bell sounds, and MMAjunkie gives it again to McGregor, 10-9.
Unofficial score: 30-27 McGregor

Round 4 – McGregor discerning to a core and unloading punches as Mayweather covers on a ropes. Mayweather ducking and weaving, and McGregor is alighting some shots to a tip of a head. McGregor pulling down a conduct when they get tight. Mayweather starting to press. McGregor with a good left hand. The opposite left is on indicate when Mayweather charges. Mayweather with a right to a physique and a left adult top. McGregor answers with a large left and a poke adult top. Mayweather relocating forward, as promised. Still, McGregor’s volume stays high. Mayweather gets a forearm inside as they clinch. McGregor throwing a lot of brief shots in bunches. Round ends, and they have a discerning work with any other. MMAjunkie leans somewhat toward Mayweather, 10-9.
Unofficial score: McGregor 39-37.

Round 5 – Another discerning start. McGregor gripping his punch rate high, yet he is negligence a hold on his zip. They get in parsimonious for an extended clinch, and a arbitrate gives a unrelenting warning. Mayweather unequivocally walking his competition down now, yet McGregor is retreating and tackling well. McGregor going to a physique when he can. More clinches. Mayweather is walking brazen and violation a operation prevalence McGregor hold early. McGregor slips a few punches, and it’s Mayweather who again gets a forearm in during a clinch. Quick restart for Mayweather. He’s throwing hard. Left scores. Right lands, as well. Mayweather with a pull to a chest good after a finish of a round. MMAjunkie gives a turn to Mayweather, 10-9.
Unofficial score: McGregor 48-47.

Round 6 – McGregor’s arms demeanour to be overpowering a bit, yet he’s striking. He lands a bit as Mayweather covers, and McGregor tries to keep adult a attack, yet he’s pulled divided by a referee. Mayweather pouring it on now. He’s loading adult on a right hand. Another scores. McGregor holding some damage, and a throng is on a feet. Mayweather rifles in a few jabs. McGregor does come behind with a left to a body. Mayweather loads adult on a three-punch combo that scores. McGregor answers with a straight. McGregor lays in a few jabs and smiles. Crowd starts to intone “Conor.” Mayweather has a movement now, yet McGregor isn’t going divided usually yet. Bell sounds, and MMAjunkie gives it to Mayweather, 10-9.
Unofficial score: 57-57.

Round 7 – Mayweather has turn a transparent aggressor. McGregor still looking to measure with pointy counters, yet he does seem to be vanishing a bit. Punch outlay still there, though. McGregor slips a large shot from his opponent. He ties adult Mayweather’s arms. Mayweather with a large right off a restart. McGregor still looking to conflict a body, yet Mayweather is unequivocally starting to land adult tip with right hands. Another bind from McGregor. Mayweather again with large right hands on a restart. Three punches land from Mayweather. Crowd on their feet. They clarity and end. McGregor retreating and perplexing to tee adult a large left. McGregor still relocating well, yet his punches are losing steam. One final clinch. MMAjunkie gives it to Mayweather, 10-9.
Unofficial score: 67-66 Mayweather.

Round 8 – Quick start, and Mayweather turns his behind as they get tight, yet McGregor continues to punch. Crowd doesn’t like it, and a arbitrate finally stairs in to mangle them. McGregor doing abetter pursuit of gripping during stretch to start this round. He was too parsimonious for a final several rounds. Still, a best punches are entrance from Mayweather. Clinch from McGregor. McGregor punching from all angles as Mayweather advances. McGregor starting to squeeze him a small some-more and position his body. She[ left from Mayweather. McGregor responding though, and he seem s to have tapped into a small haven power. A late bind closes it. Better for McGregor, yet MMAjunkie leans again toward Mayweather, 10-9.
Unofficial score: 77-75 Mayweather.

Round 9 – McGregor put fast and appears to land a low blow. Referee doesn’t immediately see it, and we quarrel on. Eventually we get a break, yet it’s a bi half-hearted, and McGregor gets a small punch in on Mayweather as they demeanour to restart. Mayweather still dire a movement and lands a right hand. Mayweather dictating a gait and range. McGregor clinches, and a throng groans. Big shots from Mayweather on a restart. McGregor is hurt. Crowd on their feet. Right hadn from Mayweather. McGregor perplexing to weave. Break from a clinch, and McGregor staggers. Mayweather with a large left. McGregor on rootless feet. Mayweather perplexing to put him away. McGregor looks exhausted. He’s perplexing to fins some life. Mayweather swarming. late bind again. MMAjunkie gives it to Mayweather, 10-9
Unofficial score: 87-84 Mayweather.

Round 10 – McGregor operative light combinations to open, yet his energy isn’t there, and Mayweather covers. Mayweather teeing off when a break. Big right hands scores. McGregor wobbled. Mayweather all over him. Right palm lands. Big left scores, and a arbitrate Robert Byrd stairs in to call off a fight. McGregor was still on his feet, yet this quarrel is over during a 1:05 mark.
Final: Mayweather wins by TKO.

Update No. 9, 1:17 A.M. ET – Official scorecard before a finish.

Pay-per-view categorical card

  • Floyd Mayweather def. Conor McGregor around TKO – Round 10, 1:05
  • Gervonta Davis def. Francisco Fonseca around knockout – Round 8, 0:39
  • Badou Jack def. Nathan Cleverly around TKO – Round 5, 2:47
  • Andrew Tabiti def. Steve Cunningham around unanimous preference (97-93, 97-93, 100-90)

FOX rough card

  • Yordenis Ugas def. Thomas Dulorme around unanimous preference (94-91, 93-92, 93-92)
  • Juan Heraldez def. Jose Miguel Borrego around unanimous preference (96-93, 97-92, 97-92)
  • Antonio Hernandez def. Kevin Newman around unanimous preference (57-56, 59-54, 59-54)
  • Savannah Marshall def. Sydney LeBlanc around unanimous preference (40-36, 40-36, 40-36)

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