Fort Lauderdale sharpened think to make initial justice coming on sovereign charges

While investigators explore a credentials of Esteban Santiago, a male indicted of killing 5 people final week in a sharpened rampage during a Fort Lauderdale, Fla., general airport, he will conduct to probity Monday to make his initial coming on sovereign charges.

The FBI says that Santiago, a 26-year-old Iraq War maestro who had formerly pronounced he suspicion a supervision was perplexing to control his mind, flew from Alaska to Florida privately to lift out a shooting. According to a FBI, Santiago’s usually checked enclosure for a moody was a box with 3 items: a Walther 9mm semi-automatic handgun and dual magazines.

After a stop in Minneapolis, Santiagio flew to the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, a bustling, palm-tree-lined heart usually mins from a beach. Santiago afterwards claimed his luggage, took it into a lavatory and installed a gun before he emerged “and shot a initial people he encountered,” according to an FBI confirmation filed with a rapist complaint.

Santiago told investigators that he emptied both magazines, banishment about 15 rounds, wounding 6 people in further to a 5 who were slain around a enclosure explain area in a airport’s Terminal 2, authorities said. Police pronounced that dozens of people were also harm in a disharmony that followed during a airport, that was close down amid a sprawling law coercion response to reports of a intensity second shooter in another terminal. (Authorities eventually pronounced there was no other shooter.)

Esteban Santiago. (Broward Sheriff’s Office around AP)

When Santiago was approached by a Broward County sheriff’s emissary about 80 seconds after a gunfire began, Santiago forsaken his now-emptied gun to a belligerent and surrendered to police, a FBI said.

Officials have not publicly identified a victims killed in a shooting, though during slightest 4 of a 5 have been named by media reports, that described some of them as vacationers from other states streamer to Florida to take cruises.

Santiago is facing three depends so far and could potentially face a genocide chastisement if he is eventually convicted, though a decision on either to find such a sentence would be done during a after date. He is set to make his initial coming before a decider during 11 a.m. on Monday in a sovereign courtroom in Fort Lauderdale, usually miles from a airport. As of Monday morning, there was no profession listed for him in probity records.

The probity coming comes as a FBI has conducted an review in mixed states to demeanour into Santiago’s life and a intensity proclivity for a shooting. Authorities have not publicly identified a motive, observant that terrorism was still a possibility.

“We have not ruled out anything,” George L. Piro, a FBI special representative in assign of a bureau’s Miami division, pronounced during a weekend briefing. “We continue to demeanour during all avenues, all motives for this attack. And we continue to demeanour during a terrorism aspect as a motive.”

The business had encountered Santiago before — in an FBI margin bureau in Anchorage final November. Officials pronounced Santiago walked into a bureau to tell agents that a supervision was perplexing to control his mind and forcing him to watch Islamic State videos.

Piro pronounced that a agents, endangered about Santiago’s “erratic behavior,” contacted internal police, who took him to a medical trickery for a mental health evaluation. Police hold Santiago’s gun for a month before giving it back. Santiago flew to Florida about a month later.

After conducting reviews, checking with other agencies and interviewing Santiago’s kin in a Alaska incident, a FBI sealed a comment of Santiago. Iraq fight vet, who had also drawn military courtesy for domestic assault in his Alaska hometown, had been arrested and twice within a final year.

FBI agents during a crime stage inside Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. (Mike Stocker/South Florida Sun-Sentinel around AP)

These encounters with law coercion make a Fort Lauderdale sharpened a fourth time given 2013 that someone who had scrutinized by a FBI afterwards carried out an conflict of some kind, and a second such occurrence in Florida in reduction than a year.

Last year, a FBI pronounced it had investigated a man who killed  the Pulse nightclub sharpened in Orlando; agents had also looked into people who would eventually lift out the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 and who helped plot a 2015 attack on a Texas competition enlivening participants to pull a soothsayer Muhammad.

Santiago’s run-ins with law coercion have also lifted questions about how a male who had come to a courtesy of both a FBI and internal military was means to book a one-way ticket, check usually a gun and transport though any issue.

Travelers are allowed to move guns with them to flights, as prolonged as a guns are unloaded, sealed in a hard-sided enclosure and packed into checked baggage, according to a Transportation Security Administration. Ammunition can generally be placed in checked baggage, though it is taboo in carry-on luggage, and some airlines do not concede any ammo to be transported. Passengers are also compulsory to tell airline employees during a sheet opposite that they have a arms in their checked bag.

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