France Is Banning Unlimited Soda Refills to Fight Obesity

soda and sugary drinks, a latest bid to diminution a arise in a nation’s plumpness rate.

The new order, implemented on Jan. 27, will meant that hotels, restaurants and propagandize cafeterias will no longer have soda fountains. The pierce is partial of a spate of health initiatives implemented by a country, that includes a “soda tax” imposed on honeyed drinks, a anathema on vending machines in schools and a extent on a servings of french fries to once a week in schools, a New York Times reports.

Even yet France’s altogether plumpness rate is comparatively low—41% of women and 57% of group between 30 to 60 were portly or overweight—the laws are in suitability with World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations. WHO presented statistics in 2016 on a good effects of commanding a sugarine tax.


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