Free Netflix From T-Mobile: What You Need to Know

ATT might have DirecTV, yet now T-Mobile has Netflix. The nation’s No. 3 conduit announced a understanding currently to give divided Netflix skeleton to many of a subscribers.

The new devise was announced on a discussion call with T-Mobile CEO John Legere going off on his usual profanity-laced harangue opposite his competitors. But what unequivocally matters are a sum of a plan.

What is T-Mobile giving away?

T-Mobile is giving credit for one $10/month Netflix Standard streaming devise to any authorised account. That includes dual coexisting streams in HD. If we wish to ascent to a Premium devise with 4 streams, 4K and HDR, that will cost we $2/month.

When does it start? How do we get it?

Sign adult on Sept. 12 by going into a T-Mobile phone app and joining your Netflix account.

What T-Mobile devise do we need to have?

You need to have a new T-Mobile One or One Plus family devise for dual paid lines or more, with taxes and fees included. If you’re on an comparison plan, a $100 per two-line promotional plan, or a 55+ comparison plan, we need to switch adult to a One or One Plus plans. You can associate one Netflix comment with any plan, not any line.

What if I’m already a Netflix subscriber?

It works for existent and new subscribers; T-Mobile will send your Netflix details.

What’s a catch?

The Netflix devise supports HD video, yet not over T-Mobile’s mobile network unless we have a One Plus plan. On a customary One plan, you’ll get 480p video on cellular, and HD video on Wi-Fi and other internet connections.

How about HDR?

If we have a TV or phone (like a Samsung Galaxy Note 8) that supports HDR, and we compensate a $2/month Premium upcharge, you’ll get HDR video for HDR cinema and shows no matter what a bit rate, so even if you’re down during 480p.

How prolonged will this last?

T-Mobile doesn’t have contracts any more, so conjunction we nor T-Mobile are sealed into anything. This isn’t a special promotion, yet it can stop during any time.

How does this review to other carriers?

ATT offers giveaway HBO with a $90/month Unlimited Plus plan, as good as a $25/month credit for a wire and satellite services; a wire packages turn neatly some-more costly after 12 months of use, though. Sprint doesn’t gold in any subscription video services, yet gives we 6 months of a Tidal lossless audio service.

Should we take T-Mobile adult on this offer?

If you’re an existent subscriber on a right plan, yes! Absolutely. If you’re on an comparison plan, or deliberation switching to T-Mobile, only consider of this as a $10 check credit. Whether it’s a bonus for we depends on either a T-Mobile One plan, reduction $10, is a assets opposite what you’re profitable now. If you’re over age 55 and wish dual lines on unlimited, T-Mobile’s 55+ plan, during $60/month for dual lines, is still unbeatable.

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