From LG G6 To Samsung Galaxy S8 To New iPhone: 2017 Is The Death Of Bezels

Check out how little a tip bezel is on a LG V10. I’ve always suspicion this phone didn’t get adequate credit for cramming that most shade (a 5.7-inch and a delegate display) into a physique that’s no bigger than an iPhone 6/7 Plus. Photo: SeongJoon Cho/Bloomberg

One of a repeated leitmotifs in my 2016 coverage of a mobile attention was how most we hated vast bezels in phones, to a indicate that we bashed a iPhone 7 and Google Pixel flattering badly for carrying Martian foreheads and Jay Leno chins (the latter’s bezel was totally irregular since there wasn’t even a symbol there). Fans of those phones always opposite with some movement of “What’s a mania with little bezels? Who cares?”

Well, apparently, each phonemaker cares, since 2017 is going to be a year of very, really slim bezel phones. We already know from utterly arguable rumors that a Samsung Galaxy S8 and a subsequent iPhone will both have little bezels. The former is rumored to have a 90% screen-to-body ratio, and a iPhone 8 (or whatever Apple calls that 10th anniversary device…) is substantially going to do divided with a earthy home symbol and a hulk bottom bezel. And LG has all though strictly reliable something identical a subsequent flagship.

Set to be strictly denounced during a Mobile World Congress, a LG G6 will stone a 5.7-inch arrangement with additional high (or wide, depending on how you’re holding a phone) aspect ratio, according to an central proclamation by LG Displays a integrate days ago. In fact, a G6’s 18:9 aspect ratio is a initial mobile arrangement of a kind. (As I’ve written before, LG’s G array has always been a “first” to do something, either it’s Quad HD fortitude or modularity)

To that end, LG also expelled this ad for a G6, teasing a phone with a “big screen, smaller body.”

Photo: LG

Now, LG phones have prolonged been an attention personality in shortening bezel sizes — a LG G2 and G3 became cult darlings of tech geeks for that same reason — so for a South Korean association to lead their promotional duplicate with this is telling.

Could a G6 be a bezel-less phone ala a Xiaomi Mi Mix? Even if not utterly that extreme, it’s protected to assume a G6 will have significantly smaller bezels than prior LG phones, to a indicate that it’ll substantially resemble those image photos of what a Galaxy S8 is ostensible to demeanour like.

A mockup of what a S8 Plus could demeanour like. Could LG’s G6 have bezels that small?

LG personification adult a “smaller body” partial in a promotional duplicate has me really intrigued, since it suggests a G6 could have a smaller physique than the G5 despite bumping a shade sizes by roughly half an in. (the G5 has a 5.3-inch screen).

Now, to get behind to a indicate of little bezels and since tech geeks wish them. One, it’s a extraneous factor: screens only demeanour cooler and some-more unconventional if it appears bezel-less. Second, carrying a large shade phone in a little physique that’s still serviceable with one palm is a ultimate “have your cake and eat it too” impulse in mobile gadgets.

If we consider bezel sizes don’t matter, have a demeanour during this corresponding comparison between dual phones with a accurate same shade sizes. Which phone looks like it’s easier to use with one palm and fit in your slot better?

Both phones have a same shade sizes. Photo: Phone Arena

The Mi Mix shade is overwhelming to demeanour at. Photos: Ben Sin

Ars Technica’s Ron Amadeo theorized in his Pixel examination that a Pixel’s bottom bezel is there since Google and HTC didn’t have time to pattern a new body, and only reused an aged HTC phone’s body. I’m prone to trust that theory, since that chin is only irregular in late 2016.

Much credit to Xiaomi for delivering a Mi Mix in 2016, since in 2017, everybody is jumping on board: a bezel is dead.


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