Frustrated in defeat, Trump threatens medical of electorate — and lawmakers

“If a new HealthCare Bill is not authorized quickly, BAILOUTS for Insurance Companies and BAILOUTS for Members of Congress will finish really soon!” Trump tweeted, seething about Congress’ disaster to dissolution a Affordable Care Act, that he pronounced was “imploding.”

Such a move could means massacre and most aloft premiums in word markets, given many low- and moderate-income people count on those subsidies to assistance cover a cost of their policies. Through a array of executive maneuvers by Congress and a Obama administration, members and their staffs also advantage from those subsidies.

Targeting congressional medical competence measure Trump some populist points with his base, though it would expected come during a cost of poisoning his attribute with Congress. Just creation a hazard on Saturday highlights how distant things have eroded between Trump and tip GOP lawmakers. And it comes a day after Trump pushed out former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, an investiture Republican who was a GOP congressional leadership’s trusted relationship in a White House. 

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