Galaxy Note 8 Best Feature Getting Early Release?

There’s strong evidence to advise a stirring Galaxy Note 8 will come with twin back cameras, though a new news suggests we might not have to wait so prolonged for a dual-camera phone from Samsung.

Benjamin Geskin

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is approaching to come with twin back cameras, though it might not be a initial Samsung smartphone to do so. Render by Benjamin Geskin

Hopes were high for such a camera to entrance in a stream Galaxy S8 flagship and, nonetheless this didn’t arrive, it appears Samsung might have done attempted to fit one, customarily to pull a block late in a pattern process, presumably along with an optically stabilised front lens.

Now, obvious leaker @mmddj_china has suggested in a new chatter  that “The initial Dual camera Samsung smartphone is not Note 8.”

Then, by approach of clarification, a follow-up tweet,  complete with a hand-drawn sketch, reveals that a new ‘Galaxy C’ is to be a target of a new camera.

Subsequent tweets by @mmdj_china, strewn with ‘crying with laughter’ emoji, uncover mock-ups of some probable camera configurations on a ‘Galaxy C’.

Of course, a hand-drawn blueprint wouldn’t customarily be deliberate quite convincing, and I’m holding this information with a rather incomparable than common splash of salt, though in a light of a many other leaks hinting during Samsung dual-cameras, it’s positively rarely plausible.

It would also make Samsung rather late to a diversion when it comes to this technology. While a Galaxy S phones have been widely acclaimed for their glorious camera hardware, that mitigates a need for a second lens procedure when it comes to pristine design quality, there are certain tricks that only aren’t probable with a singular lens smartphone camera. Most critical among these is a iPhone 7 Plus’ renouned ‘Portrait Mode’, that mimics a outcome of DSLR photography by blurring a credentials of a picture to make a theme pop.

On a other hand, experimenting with such a radically new camera hardware in a company’s many critical smartphone, a Galaxy S8, could have been seen as simply too unsure during a time when Samsung simply couldn’t means to make any mistakes following a Galaxy Note 7 battery debacle.

Launching a underline in a opposite indication would, therefore, yield a safer approach to try out a record and iron out any kinks before committing it to a association flagship.

So either or not we see a Galaxy C before a launch of a Galaxy Note 8, it positively looks like twin cameras are finally partial of Samsung’s vision.

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