Galaxy Note 8 Storage: New Leak Points To Two New Phablet Models

Samsung’s stirring Galaxy Note 8 will positively be one of a many critical releases in a story of a corporation, and it seems that Galaxy Note 8 storage might be increased in sequence to acknowledge this. A vital trickle from China has supposing several critical sum associated to this flagship device, with battery size, RAM and processor information all forthcoming.

Galaxy Note 8 Storage
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Weibo leak

But it is Galaxy Note 8 storage options that will maybe advantage a many attention, with Samsung prepared to yield significantly some-more options for consumers in a stirring generation. Weibo tipster Ice Universe has cited South Korean media that indicates that there will be twin vital models of a Galaxy Note 8 when a phablet is released.

64GB and 128GB options will be supposing by a Korean corporation, with this probability also being corroborated adult by another leaker. The website Osen also states that Galaxy Note 8 storage will be 64GB and 128GB in a stirring generation, that represents a depart from prior Samsung policy.

Elsewhere, it is also suggested by Ice Universe that a Galaxy Note 8 will advantage from a 6.3-inch Super AMOLED arrangement with 2K fortitude and 18.5:9 aspect ratio. It should be remarkable that a fortitude of a phablet will substantially nearby 3,000 pixels lengthways, relating a Galaxy S8 recover from progressing this year.

The leaker also suggests that this stirring phablet will be powered by a Exynos 8895 processor or a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor depending on a segment in that it is purchased. Once again, Samsung is set to use a exclusive record in a East Asian marketplace, with a Snapdragon processor being used in North America and Western markets.


The camera enclosed in a Galaxy Note 8 will also be quite impressive, with a twin 12-megapixel camera setup with visual picture stabilization capabilities included. The smartphone camera locus will be a genuine bridgehead in 2017, with Apple also approaching to recover an iPhone 8 section with an considerable dual-camera as well.


Reports from South Korea also advise that Samsung will rather ascent a battery in a Galaxy Note 8, nonetheless a Korean association will understandably error on a side of caution in this department. After all, it was a battery in a Galaxy Note 7 during that caused it to raze and eventually be recalled.


Sources from tighten to a Samsung supply sequence also advise that there will be 6GB of RAM enclosed in this phablet, that seems essential deliberation that a specs of a device are generally rather identical to a existent Galaxy S8 plus. Indeed, it is apropos an augmenting problem for Samsung to apart a flagship smartphone and phablet releases, deliberation that a Galaxy S8 operation is flourishing ever incomparable and delivering increasingly considerable specifications.

S Pen

Of course, a inclusion of a S Pen stylus is one approach that Samsung will mind a Galaxy Note 8 from a Galaxy S8, and this marginal might have some quite considerable functionality this time out. An innovative orator complement has been related with a S Pen, while reports of vibration-related facilities have also been prominent.


Finally, a Weibo leaker advise that a Galaxy Note 8 will be accessible in Black, Blue, and Gold tone variants. This means that iPhone consumers will have some-more choice when a iPhone 8 is released, during slightest formed on media reports and prior generations, though during slightest consumers have some options with a Note 8.

Micro SD

Considering that a Galaxy Note 8 storage is already being softened over a prior generation, it will be engaging to see either Samsung also includes micro SD in this release. This has been a common process of a house over several generations, with a coherence supposing by this record severely appreciated by consumers.

Osen has already quoted an unnamed Samsung executive who suggested that it will be illusive to boost a Galaxy Note 8 storage adult to 256GB around microSD. But deliberation a anonymity of this individual, this can't be deliberate a plain position during this time.

The trickle per a twin Galaxy Note 8 storage variants is new, and can be deliberate an combined reward for Samsung consumers. It had been asserted formerly that a Apple iPhone operation is charity fans of a array some-more than a Galaxy Note consumer in this department, and Samsung has clearly changed to residence a situation, during slightest according to this latest rumor.


Previous leaks from tighten to a Samsung supply sequence have suggested that a Galaxy Note 8 pattern will be rather identical to a existent Galaxy S8, with a wraparound arrangement winning a front row of a device. This will obligate several aspects of a smartphone being changed around, and so a fingerprint scanner is approaching to be enclosed on a back of a device, alongside a dual-camera.

However, other reports have suggested that Samsung will instead hide a fingerprint sensor within a arrangement of a Galaxy Note 8, in an creation that has also been related with a Apple iPhone range.

Price and recover date

While reports have suggested that a iPhone 8 might sell during a esteem in additional of $1,000, it seems doubtful that a Galaxy Note 8 will be this expensive. Considering that a phablet is charged with reinvigorating this rather discredited device range, Samsung will feel thankful to safeguard that a Galaxy Note 8 launches during an intensely affordable cost point.

This means that a cost could be solidified from a Galaxy Note 7 final year, or presumably even reduced, definition that we will see a Galaxy Note 8 expelled during a cost tab of between $700 and $800. With other Android variants such as a Google Pixel 2 and OnePlus 5 now critical competitors, Samsung contingency compensate tighten mind to pricing.

In terms of a release, Samsung is expected to safeguard that a phablet appears on a marketplace before a iPhone 8, creation an Aug recover date probable.

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