Galaxy S8 Battery Swells And Doesn’t Explode In New Video

A newly expelled video from YouTubers Lincoln and Daniel Markham of a “What’s Inside” channel appears to uncover that Samsung’s latest battery tech, found inside a company’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, can take some critical abuse and still not locate on glow or explode. The video starts with an explanation. The device itself was performed from YouTuber “TechRax,” who had formerly put a all-glass flagship by a severe dump test. As a result, a father/son twin start out with an S8 already display a few cracks instead of a code new device. Hopefully, meaningful that creates it a small easier to watch. The uploaded video usually runs around 9 mins and shows a group putting a Samsung Galaxy S8 by a paces with their singly radical teardown methods. You can check out a video for yourself below.

The span primarily starts by perplexing to examine a device detached with a integrate of suction crater collection designed for shade removal. That fails spectacularly, even after they feverishness a device up, so they call in some assistance from associate YouTuber Zack Nelson, of a channel “JerryRigEverything.” After finally removing a potion behind row off and checking out a internals of a device, including what’s inside a wireless charging module, Daniel Markham apparently gets wearied and that’s when things get interesting. In short, he decides takes a handheld saw to a device, purportedly perplexing to equivocate rupturing into a sealed-in battery. He fails, and they rush a phone outside, awaiting it to bloat and afterwards presumably to explode.

There is no blast though a battery does bloat and gets really hot. Nelson mentions a smell identical to if a battery had exploded or held fire, though there are no sparks or abandon to be found. Obviously, a device is over dead, though even after they start stabbing a battery itself with a razor to see if they can during really slightest emanate a spark, zero happens. Samsung has put a lot of work into creation certain that their smartphones are never again putting their consumers in risk and it seems to have paid off. With any luck, a secrets behind a company’s newest battery facilities will find their approach into other technologies and make everybody’s lithium-powered things only a bit safer.

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