Gaming Forum NeoGAF Imploding as Owner Faces Accusations of Sexual Harrassment (Again)

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The Accusation

(Photo: Reddit)

Just like with everything on the internet, a little digging is necessary to see the authenticity of certain claims; especially those in dealing with dire topics such as sexual assault. When the topic of NeoGAF and how they handle situations like this came up, one user took to a forum to explain that the post above is in fact real, and this is why we should care: 

“Guess I should chime in since I’m being named.

In a private group convo, one of my fellow participants brought up the fact that EL got #MeToo’d on FB. I saw someone on my feed telling a story an hour prior that could’ve fit but I didn’t read it too closely, was skeptical and posted a shot in our convo.. I was then directed toward the comments and lo and behold, there was the name. Was a holy shit moment for me, and something of a letdown too, having met both the accuser and the accused IRL. Posted that shot in our convo as well. Came to the realization that this should only really go public if the accuser wants it to because it’s her story to tell, and the rest of the participants in the convo reached the same consensus, or so it seemed. I deleted the shots from our group chat. Turned out one of the people in there saved the shots, and gave them to another person who then posted it on Voat, and did a godawful job at concealing the identity of the accuser and myself before doing so. She doesn’t deserve to get doxxed and harassed by the internet mob if she’s not ready for it, and it’s solely for that reason that I didn’t want this getting out there, which is why I regret sharing that shot in that group convo.

But yes, it’s real.”


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