Geoff Keighley Says ‘With Confidence’ That Xbox Scorpio Is Priced At $499


Xbox One Elite

We are only hours divided from Microsoft large Xbox Scorpio-based press eventuality during E3, though a uninformed trickle competence have only laid out what a cost of a absolute complement will be.

The information comes from a rather doubtful source, video diversion journalist/event organizer/host Geoff Keighley, a obvious figure in a industry, though someone not famous as of late for large scoops or leaks. But he’s come brazen to say that according to his possess inside knowledge, a Xbox Scorpio will be labelled during $499. His tweet:

“I can now contend with certainty Project Scorpio is $499. Unless something changes today, that is what will be announced.”

It’s a confidant statement, and during slightest a few people in Keighley’s feed have pronounced that’s also what they’ve heard, though it’s misleading who’s joking and who isn’t. But for Keighley to make a open matter like this only hours forward of a show, he contingency be flattering assured in a cost point. And he is really someone who would be in a position to know something like this.

You can already immediately see a order among Sony and Microsoft fans. Those not constant to Xbox consider a cost is too high, even if a Scorpio is hugely powerful. If we wish loads of power, get a gaming PC, is a common refrain. But Xbox fans are observant this cost is accurately in line with what they expected, and if anything, a flattering good deal, given a specs and intensity opening of a machine.

I predicted a $499 cost for a Scorpio forward of a show, though many were anticipating it could go as low as $399 to contest with PS4 Pro directly. While a reward cost indicate could vessel out for Microsoft, Xbox One positively has bad memories of that number. The complement was creatively sole during $499, though that cost was due to being bundled with Kinect, that was after cut out so a cost dropped. But not before a Xbox One was good behind PS4 in sales, a opening they’ve never closed. With Scorpio, there’s no additional peripheral, and for $499 this time around, you’re only profitable for pristine power.

It’s tough to know how a marketplace will conflict if this is indeed a price. Releasing a $500 upgraded Xbox One now when PS4s cost $250-$400, a Nintendo Switch costs $300 and a Xbox One itself is down to $200-300 depending on a version, that’s a confidant move. Is confidant a right word?

Again, this is still technically a rumor, and even Keighley admits there competence be a final notation change of plans. If a internet melts down about what a terrible cost this is in a subsequent few hours, maybe Microsoft will call an heard during a final second, though for a megacorp like them, that’s not how these kinds of decisions are customarily made.

In a few hours, we’ll know for sure.

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