Girl Scalped in Carnival Ride Accident Says ‘My Scars Don’t Define Me’

horrific repairs on a fair ride, 12-year-old Elizabeth Gilreath is vocalization publicly about her recovery.

“My scars don’t conclude me. Nobody’s scars should conclude them,” she told NBC associate WOWT 6 News Thursday.

Gilreath, who goes by a name Lulu, suffered life-threatening injuries, when her prolonged hair got held in a machine of a King’s Crown float during a fair in Omaha, Neb. Her whole scalp was ripped from her head, and she suffered repairs to both of her eyes, according to WOWT.

Gilreath was rushed to a sanatorium in vicious condition and eventually managed to lift through, interjection to a efforts of doctors who finished dual conduct surgeries, 3 skin grafts, one eye medicine and 28 blood transfusions, a network reported.

“Lulu is stronger than me,” her mother, Virginia Cooksey, posted on Facebook, in May 2016. “My baby lady saw herself for a initial time today. The approach she handle[d] it [gave] me strength.”

Gilreath is now in a sixth class with, as seen in a associate interview, with red hair prolonged adequate for her to put it in a ponytail.

“I desired my hair. It was intensely rare,” she told WOWT, adding that, while she has done poignant swell to redeem from her injuries, she would never float another fair float again.

Cooksey pronounced that she has lawsuits in a works — one opposite a association that creates a King’s Crown float and another opposite a State of Nebraska.

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