Google could start certifying third-party accessories for Pixel phones

We’re dual days out from Google’s Pixel event, and 9to5Google has a report on a new beginning that could get announced there: a acceptance module for third-party accessories. It’ll apparently be called “Made for Google.”

There aren’t any other sum during this point, yet 9to5Google says a proclamation should come “soon.” Whether that’s on Wednesday or someday after this year, though, is unclear.

To get an thought for what a module could work like, it creates clarity to demeanour to Apple’s MFi (Made For iPhone/iPad/iPod) program. Third parties wish that acceptance since it lets them put a badge on their box that says their product is authorized by Apple, that lets business buy it though concern. And Apple wants a acceptance since it can pledge a turn of peculiarity on those products and mostly lets it make income off of them, too. Apple requires that third parties use central chips and connectors, that usually Apple sells, concealment it some distinction on each device that includes one.

It’s not transparent if Google would go utterly that distant — it tends to be some-more open, for one, and it doesn’t have scarcely a lean over accessories companies that Apple does. There are millions and millions of iPhones out there, and companies will burst by whatever hoops are indispensable in sequence to sell accessories for them. But Google doesn’t have a outrageous hardware implement base, so it’d presumably wish to make it easy for companies to make, for example, Pixel phone accessories, so that there’ll be copiousness of options for buyers to demeanour at.

There are a series of things Google could offer a acceptance module for, too: a Pixel phones are a apparent starting place, yet Google also sells VR headsets, speakers, and Chromebooks, all of that could use accessories. Google could also start certifying speakers and headphones that includes a voice assistant. A few have already started coming out.

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