Google’s pursuit listings hunt is now open to all pursuit hunt sites & developers

It’s now official: Job listings are entrance to Google’s hunt formula in a most some-more distinguished way. And a association is now charity a grave trail for outsiders to supplement pursuit listings to a new underline in Google search.

Google announced this morning that they are now opening adult pursuit listings within Google hunt to all developers and site owners. The new jobs arrangement within Google hunt doesn’t have a grave name. However, it’s partial of a overall Google for Jobs initiative that Google previewed final month during a Google I/O conference.

At that time, Google did not contend how to get your pursuit listings into this feature. Well, now Google has published a beam to job posting structured data that gives transparent recommendation on what developers need to do to get their pursuit listings into this new Google for Jobs hunt feature.

There are dual simple stairs we need to take:

(1) Mark adult your pursuit listings with job posting structured data.
(2) Submit a sitemap (or an RSS or Atom feed) with a date for any listing.

If we have 100,000 pursuit openings on your site or we routine 10,000 pursuit inventory changes per day, afterwards we can request to use a “high change rate” underline by stuffing out this form.

The pursuit hunt structured information can be certified with a structured information contrast tool, and we can even preview those listings. Google also betrothed to supplement a new filter to a Search Analytics news in a Google Search Console privately to lane how good your pursuit listings are doing in Google search.

Here is a shade shot of a underline in web search:

Google has some-more technical support on how this works over here.

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