Gordon Hayward chooses a Celtics, creation their destiny even brighter

After 3 meetings in 3 cities with 3 opposite teams, Gordon Hayward has done adult his mind. The 27-year-old brazen will pointer with a Boston Celtics, according to ESPN’s Chris Haynes.

With a Celtics, Hayward is teaming behind adult with conduct manager Brad Stevens, who led Butler to a inhabitant championship coming in 2010 with Hayward as his star player.

Hayward has been in Boston’s skeleton for during slightest a year, and their rebuilding routine has stretched out longer than that. With Hayward, a Celtics have another actor they can build around, yet they also still have countless breeze picks and immature players that could promote a vital trade. For example, what if Anthony Davis came on a marketplace shortly after a unsuccessful Pelicans experiment?

Hayward’s diversion has grown any year, with his scoring normal augmenting in all 7 of his NBA seasons. In Utah final season, Hayward was a featured man, averaging 21.9 points and 3.5 assists on a 59.5 percent loyal sharpened mark. Along with new co-star Isaiah Thomas, Hayward and a Celtics are now prepared for another deteriorate spent gunning for a No. 1 seed and hopes for a low playoff run, opportunities that had not been presented to him in Utah.

What does Hayward move to a Celtics?

Hayward has softened any year he has been in a league, improving his scoring normal any of his 7 seasons. In 2017, Hayward truly pennyless out as a tip option, creation his initial All-Star team. When we cruise Utah had a slowest gait in a league, Hayward’s 21.9 points per diversion are even some-more considerable than they seem. That, total with how fit he was, proves that Hayward could have remained a No. 1 choice if he needed.

But now he’s subsequent to Isaiah Thomas and Al Horford, and Hayward won’t need to always lift a bucket himself. That’s great! Hayward is a modern, glorious off-the-ball actor both on a catch-and-shoot and slasher roles he filled superbly early in his career. There will still be copiousness of shots accessible for Hayward, generally when Thomas is off a floor.

But if his scoring normal dips even slightly, Hayward can take condolence in a fact that Boston should hurl by an Eastern Conference that has usually one genuine hazard to them — Cleveland.

What about his contract?

Hayward was always going to authority a max deal, so signing one is no surprise. But even when we supplement that on a books subsequent to Horford’s outrageous deal, a Celtics can still have some-more than $20 million in top space accessible subsequent summer. Thomas, Avery Bradley, and Marcus Smart all strike giveaway group in 2018, giving Boston many questions, yet impassioned flexibility.

What problems does Hayward solve?

As good as Thomas was final season, there were times when Boston’s offense relied on him too much. Ninety percent of a time, Thomas was adult for a charge — yet there’s no need to force that purpose onto him anymore. With Hayward fasten adult with a Celtics, a group has a energetic second choice who can emanate good shots on his possess only like Thomas.

Boston wanted Paul George this summer, too, until Oklahoma City kick them to him. But they still exaggerate an transmutable collection of wings that they can hang on any opponent. Crowder, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and now Hayward is a foursome that plays both ways and can wear down anyone on possibly side of a ball.

Where do a Celtics mount in a East now?

The Celtics won a No. 1 seed final year, yet a Wizards still took them to 7 games in a Eastern Conference semifinals. But teams like Washington and Toronto are substantially behind them now. Boston has one loyal competitor, and it’s LeBron James in Cleveland.

Hayward alone substantially isn’t adequate to disintegrate LeBron, during slightest not this season. The Celtics were degraded rather decisively in 5 games in a East finals, after all.

But Hayward’s further pushes Boston somewhat closer than before, and they still have resources galore that they can money in on if another star becomes available. Boston is positively a contender to make a Finals out of a East and should be a favorites to win it in a unchanging deteriorate with Cleveland coasting. That’s some-more than they could practically contend before.

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