Harvey Weinstein faces 2 new rapist investigations in LA and New York

Authorities in Los Angeles and New York pronounced Thursday they had non-stop new investigations into Harvey Weinstein, a latest in a array of rapist probes into control by a ashamed film noble that has sparked a passionate nuisance liaison roiling Hollywood and other industries.

The Manhattan district attorney’s bureau pronounced a comparison prosecutor has been reserved to examine allegations by “Boardwalk Empire” singer Paz de la Huerta, who told CBS News that Weinstein raped her twice in her unit in 2010. Spokeswoman Joan Vollero pronounced New York military were also involved, yet serve sum could not be provided.

De la Huerta spoke to CBS News by phone and pronounced a initial rape occurred in Oct 2010 after Weinstein gave her a float home from a party, insisted on carrying a splash in her unit and forced himself on her. She pronounced a second rape occurred in Dec 2010 after Weinstein came to her apartment; she had been celebration and was not in a condition to give consent, CBS reported a singer said.

Los Angeles military are questioning allegations about Weinstein that occurred in 2015, yet orator Josh Rubenstein pronounced he could not yield any additional details. The dialect is also questioning a news by an Italian singer and indication who pronounced she was raped by Weinstein in 2013.

Weinstein deputy Sallie Hofmeister reiterated a matter that Weinstein, 65, denies all allegations of non-consensual sex.

Authorities in Beverly Hills and London are also questioning Weinstein for probable rapist cases.

The investigations came 4 weeks after The New York Times published an display of passionate nuisance allegations opposite Weinstein, heading to his banishment from a association he co-founded and his exclusion from a producers guild and a classification that bestows a Academy Awards.

The accusations opposite Weinstein have stirred countless allegations of passionate nuisance and abuse opposite absolute group in Hollywood and other industries.

Kevin Spacey done a prolongation a “toxic” workplace and one ex-employee alleges a actor intimately assaulted him.

The workers’ identities were funded from Thursday’s news given they fear veteran fallout, a wire news channel said.

Among them is a former prolongation partner who purported that Spacey assaulted him during one of a Netflix show’s early seasons, and CNN reported that all of a people described Spacey’s function as predatory.

The news accuses Spacey of allegedly targeting staffers who were typically immature and masculine with nonconsensual touching and wanton comments.

Netflix has dangling prolongation on a series, that was slated to finish after a sixth season. The streaming use and “House of Cards” producers pronounced Thursday that one explain opposite Spacey concerned a acknowledgement and gesticulate done during prolongation of a show’s initial deteriorate in 2012. After, Spacey frankly participated in training and author Media Rights Capital pronounced it was not wakeful of any additional complaints opposite a actor given then.

The prolongation association pronounced it has instituted a hotline for complaints and will examine them thoroughly. There was no word on a predestine of “House of Cards” in Thursday’s statements.

A chairman with believe of a preference pronounced late Thursday that Spacey’s publicist and talent group CAA have split ways with a actor. His member on Wednesday pronounced a two-time Oscar leader was in diagnosis for an vague condition.

Also on Thursday, actor Corey Feldman seemed on “The Dr. Oz Show” and named a male who he pronounced molested him when he was a immature teen.

Feldman done his comments in an talk with array horde Mehmet Oz and in an on-air call that Oz identified as being to a Los Angeles Police Department.

Los Angeles Police Department Officer Drake Madison says a dialect is wakeful of a show, yet no news has nonetheless been filed.

The Associated Press is self-denial his name given a male could not be located to criticism on Feldman’s allegations.

Feldman, 46, gained celebrity in a 1980s with films including “Gremlins,” ”The Goonies” and “Stand by Me.”

While a outcome of rapist investigations into allegations opposite Weinstein stays unclear, a author might have to give sworn testimony in a lawsuit he filed opposite his former company.

Attorneys for The Weinstein Co. told a Delaware decider on Thursday that they wish to take sworn testimony from a producer, who is suing to benefit entrance to his crew record and emails.

Weinstein’s seeking a annals to urge himself in intensity polite and rapist cases, and to assistance a association respond to a polite rights review by New York’s profession general.

The decider pronounced Weinstein could be deposed, even yet his profession pronounced a deposition would be “tricky” and “fraught with problems,” given a ongoing rapist investigations. The profession pronounced Weinstein’s ability to attest would be singular but waiving his Fifth Amendment rights opposite self-incrimination.

AP Television Writer Lynn Elber and Entertainment Writer Anthony McCartney in Los Angeles, AP author Randall Chase in Dover, Delaware, contributed to this report.


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