Here’s how a headphones that come with Samsung’s Galaxy S8 review to Apple’s EarPods

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A Samsung Galaxy S8 and
a enclosed earbuds (left), and an Apple iPhone SE with its
enclosed EarPods earbuds.

Dunn/Business Insider

Let’s be transparent here: Don’t buy a smartphone since of the
headphones in a box. Buy a smartphone since it’s fast, or
since it takes good photos, or since we consider it looks

Unless it comes with a span that’s truly spectacular, we should
decider your phone on a merits as a phone.

With that said, one of a many things Samsung has touted about
a new Galaxy S8 phones is a span of earbuds
that come finished along with them. The association says they’re a $99 value on their own, and
that their sound has been tuned by AKG, an audio-focused
auxiliary that Samsung acquired as partial of a big Harman deal final year.

All of that is to contend that Samsung thinks a Galaxy S8’s
earbuds are a cut above a cheapo pairs that are mostly are
saddled with other smartphones.

After dual weeks of testing, we can contend Samsung isn’t wrong: The
AKG-branded earbuds are crook sounding and some-more competently put
together than many freebie extras. They run circles around
Apple’s EarPods, by distant a many entire of all bundled
earbuds, in a sound department, definition Samsung can flourish at
slightest one feat in a self-professed “dream to overcome” a iPhone

galaxy s8 headphonesJeff Dunn/Business Insider

Compared to a EarPods, a sound of a Galaxy S8’s earbuds is
many some-more balanced. That’s not a quite high bar to clear:
The iPhone’s span has prolonged emphasized a drum and low-end above
all else, oftentimes to a indicate where it overwhelms a rest of
a track. The Galaxy S8’s earbuds are distant tidier — they focus
generally on a mids, with a bit of a boost to a top bass, but
they don’t go out of their approach to make certain we hear one
magnitude no matter what.

With a hip-hop lane like Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “No Church in a Wild,” for instance, the
EarPods’ drum has some-more oomph, yet it’s blobby, and it
helps make a rest of a orchestration feel muddied together.
The Galaxy S8’s earbuds still get we a satisfactory volume of low-end
thump, yet it’s some-more restrained, and a vocals come off as
crisper and better-defined.

They also move many some-more clarity. The EarPods’ large shortcoming
is how many they “veil” a highs and mids, creation it sound like
a haze has been expel over many of any given song. On a rocker like
Phoenix’s “1901,” only about all yet a bass
drum sounds duller and boomier than it does with a Galaxy S8’s
earbuds. When a carol hits, there’s an alright clarity of
energy, yet it’s harder to collect out and apart a various
pieces of a instrumentation. The Galaxy S8’s earbuds do better
to locate all being thrown during it.

galaxy s8 headphonesJeff Dunn/Business Insider

All that said, violence out a EarPods isn’t a grandest
accomplishment. The Galaxy S8’s earbuds are considerable for a
freebie pair
, yet they aren’t “premium,” as Samsung has
said. Though they merit regard for frequency sounding oppressive and
not going nuts with a bass, they don’t yield a arrange of
vigour and flicker that a best earbuds in a $99 operation do.

On a steel thrasher like Baroness’ “The Sweetest Curse,” a vocals, guitar
leads, and trap drums all feel like they live on a same level,
and a transitions from hymn to carol don’t really
bloom a approach they should. Something like a 1More Triple Driver — that sounds like it
could cost $200 — gives a improved clarity of dynamics. Samsung’s
earbuds also can’t puncture as distant into a lower-bass and,
especially, a highs, that keeps many songs from feeling as
minute as they do with a 1More. There’s reduction depth.

The earthy pattern of a Galaxy S8’s earbuds, what with its
rubber and cosmetic eartips, doesn’t accurately roar “premium”
either. (The 1More is finished of a nicer metal, to continue that
comparison.) It’s not a clearest during holding calls, either.

galaxy s8 headphonesJeff Dunn/Business Insider

Still, it’s not bad: The fabric wire is nice; there’s a nifty
three-button remote (though we can’t adjust volume on iOS); and
we get 3 different-sized eartips in a box. The whole thing
is light and gentle adequate — as always, your mileage may
change — and, best of all, it fits good and cosy in a ear. The
earbuds can’t retard out everything, yet they let in and trickle out
reduction sound than a “unsealed” pattern of a EarPods.


If Samsung ever creates a Galaxy S8’s earbuds accessible as a
standalone purchase, I’d pass. They’re totally inoffensive, but
a 1More is higher in each way, and something like Xiaomi’s Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD provides
identical peculiarity for half a price.

Viewed in a context of other pack-in headphones, though,
Samsung has finished well. Though it isn’t a initial phone builder to
compensate courtesy to audio, it’s still giving millions of soon-to-be
Galaxy S8 buyers a ideally efficient span of beater earbuds. If
you’re entrance from an comparison iPhone or Galaxy device, suffer the
upgrade. Here’s anticipating this trend continues.

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