Hollywood pointer altered to review ‘Hollyweed’ in apparent New Year’s Day antic – KABC

Hollywood residents awoke Sunday morning to find a iconic Hollywood pointer had been altered to review “Hollyweed” in an apparent New Year’s Day prank.

The pointer was vandalized about 3 a.m. by a masculine think who was available on notice video, pronounced Lt. Guy Juneau of a Los Angeles Police Department’s Security Services Division.

Dressed in all black, a unclear vandal scaled Mount Lee, done his approach over a blockade and afterwards climbed onto any of a landmark’s “O” letters, a major said. He afterwards draped those letters with black tarps so they any seemed as a lowercase “e.”

The think remained during vast hours after a incident. If arrested, he would face a misconduct trespassing charge, according to a LAPD.

The group also told a city’s Department of General Services, whose officers unit Griffith Park and a area circuitously a sign.

As faraway tourists looked on from a circuitously vantage point, crews were operative to mislay a tarps and revive a correct text’s visibility.

Alvin Kim and dual associate hikers were among those who acted for photos with a revised landmark in a background, that Kim described as “pretty cool.”

Alvin Kim and dual associate hikers poise in front a altered Hollywood pointer on Sunday, Jan. 1, 2017.

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