Home run aristocrat Bonds wishes he played 1 some-more year

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) Barry Bonds so badly wanted to play one final season.

On a 10th anniversary of violation baseball’s all-time home run mark, Bonds told The Associated Press on Monday night he believes he would have reached 800 homers or come unequivocally close.

Bonds pronounced it ”stung” to travel divided from a flashy 22-year career with small notice immediately after a record-setting 2007 deteriorate with a San Francisco Giants, when he surfaced Hank Aaron’s mark.

Bonds pronounced there were never discussions about him personification for a Giants in 2008. He also pronounced he didn’t pull for it because, ”I was usually told I’m not entrance behind and that was it.”

The 53-year-old Bonds now works for a Giants. He was during ATT Park on Monday night, a same place he strike No. 756 to pass Aaron.

Bonds finished with 762 home runs, and a seven-time NL MVP finished his career underneath a cloud of steroids allegations.

”Yeah, it should have usually been 9 (years ago). we should have played one some-more year, we should have had a possibility to,” Bonds said, station behind a batting cage.

”It’s all right, though. Those 22 were still good. we wish we could have gotten to retire better, or usually travel divided better, whatever it was, however we wish to call it,” he said.

Bonds waved from a promote counter when he was shown on a large house before a tip of a third inning, when highlights of his record-setting homer were played.

”I was what (38) divided from 800? I’d have been genuine close. we would have never strike underneath 20-something, no matter what,” Bonds said.

Hours earlier, Bonds spent time chatting adult his 2007 manager, stream San Francisco skipper Bruce Bochy, and giving some superintendence to Pablo Sandoval and Jarrett Parker between their turns holding batting practice.

Bonds pronounced he hadn’t even suspicion about this being 10 years given his miracle home run until conference from a group with an entice to a ballpark Monday, when a Giants hosted a World Series champion Chicago Cubs and mislaid 5-3 in a array opener.

”I didn’t know it was 10 years,” he said. ”I didn’t even know we was out of ball 10 years. It feels like usually yesterday.”

Later, he posted on Twitter: ”Thank we (at)SFGiants for going down memory line with me today. Who was there for 756? (hash)10yearsagotoday.”

As a Giants hitters got loose, Bonds pondered what competence have been with a deteriorate some-more of chances.

”It always will eat during we in a way, always, given it usually wasn’t right a approach it was done. It is what it is. Just to contend goodbye like that after all, that’s not cool,” he said.

”But I’ve schooled to overcome it and accept it and pierce on. If we didn’t overcome it we wouldn’t be behind here. There’s no reason to theme myself to that kind of stuff. If it wasn’t for me to usually overcome it afterwards usually say, we played my 22 years, we had a good career, we adore my city, a city loves me. That means some-more to me than anything. You’ve got to import it all. Great community, good city, good fans here, family we contend mostly, that’s what they are.”

In Jul 2015, Bonds pronounced he had a outrageous ”weight lifted” when sovereign prosecutors forsaken what was left of their rapist box opposite him after a scarcely decade-long steroids prosecution.

Bonds was on 53.8 percent of Hall of Fame ballots in this year’s voting, adult from 43.3 percent of ballots final year and 36.2 percent in his initial appearance.

”I went to court, we won. Major League Baseball’s not punishing me for anything,” Bonds said. ”If we did something wrong, afterwards MLB can take it down. If we consider we did something wrong or we disregarded a rule, that we never violate any manners in baseball, MLB’s not a one punishing me. The media’s punishing me, that is all right. If that’s what they wish to do, go ahead, do your thing.”

Whether he believes he will eventually be enshrined during Cooperstown, Bonds isn’t prepared to go there.

”When a time comes we can answer that, though right now there’s zero unequivocally to answer,” he said. ”It’s all a large why? I’m not a one doing it.”

Fit and friendly, Bonds is now an zealous cyclist. He finally got a board on a Giants Wall of Fame this spring.

A jury found Bonds guilty in 2011 for giving a labyrinth answer to a sovereign grand jury in 2003 when asked either his personal tutor gave him anything that compulsory a syringe for self-injection. An 11-judge row of a U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned that self-assurance in Apr 2015.

Bonds was charged in 2007, 4 years after his testimony before a grand jury after receiving a extend of immunity. He didn’t brawl that he took steroids, though testified to a grand jury that his former trainer, Greg Anderson, told him they were flaxseed oil and arthritic balm.

Bonds strike 28 home runs and led a majors with a .480 on-base normal in 2007. He never played after that.

”Yeah, it stung during a time, hard. But we built a good authorization here,” Bonds said. ”The group was going to be sole during a time and when we import all in it, we kept a good group in San Francisco, they’re winning championships. The Bay Area’s great, so who cares.”

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