How Jared Goff’s presentation might impact Kirk Cousins’s future

One of these guys might be gripping a chair comfortable for Kirk Cousins, and right now it looks like it’s not Jared Goff. (Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

Of all teams and of all nights, a Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers on Thursday night momentarily put to rest the NFL’s issues with lifeless football and iniquitous midweek games. The Rams kick a Niners in a 41-39 thriller, a third NFL diversion with during slightest 80 points given a start of final season. It’s no fluke a blast happened between Sean McVay and Kyle Shanahan, dual childish and artistic conduct coaches.

The diversion supposing amour unto itself, though there was a subplot underneath a action, and it stemmed from those coaches. Before a season, a diversion could have been labeled The Kirk Cousins Bowl.

Both McVay and Shanahan coached Cousins during their tenures as Redskins’ descent coordinators, and both are famous Cousins admirers. Both seemed to be intensity suitors for Cousins in a arriving offseason, in a eventuality a Redskins do not pointer him to an prolongation or place a third uninterrupted authorization tab on him during a cost of $34.5 million. McVay had a former initial altogether collect whose certainty had been cracked in his rookie season. Shanahan had a refuge in Brian Hoyer.

Thursday night’s performance, then, serve shifted a 49ers into a driver’s chair to pointer Cousins should he turn available. It is a prolonged season, though it appears McVay has already found his quarterback in Jared Goff. Against a 49ers, Goff finished 22 of 28 passes for 292 yards, 3 touchdowns and 0 turnovers. For a season, Goff has finished 70.4 percent of his passes for 817 yards with 5 touchdowns and one interception.

Goff has been so good that a Rams, during this point, should no longer be deliberate suitors for Cousins. Despite Hoyer throwing for some-more than 300 yards, a same is not loyal for a 49ers. Hoyer is a journeyman who has had success in singular chances, though he’s nobody’s thought of a authorization quarterback. If a Rams are set with Goff, it gives a 49ers a inside lane to pursue Cousins.

This is, of course, all rarely speculative. Plenty of teams will need a quarterback this offseason, a 2018 Redskins included, and so a 49ers will still have copiousness of foe for Cousins should he strech giveaway agency. There’s still 13 games left for Goff to oppose his glorious start. But Thursday night’s diversion increased a 49ers’ contingency over a Rams, since it serve reduced a odds a Rams would need a quarterback.

McVay and Goff already seem to be a pretentious coach-quarterback marriage. Goff, who mislaid all 7 of his starts in an luckless rookie deteriorate underneath Jeff Fisher, felt comfort with McVay from a time they initial talked. “There was benefaction chemistry,” pronounced Tony Franklin, Goff’s descent coordinator during Cal. “From a impulse that he met him and they started articulate ball, it clicked. He knew accurately what he was articulate about. His mind was a same. He was impossibly assured with a hire.”

Goff’s improvements and comfort with McVay can best be seen in his prolonged throws. In 7 games final season, according to Pro Football Focus, Goff finished usually 4 of 17 passes thrown during slightest 20 yards in a air, attempting a low pass on only 8.3 percent of his throws. Goff has thrown low on 15.9 percent of his throws this season, about double a rate of final season. He’s finished 9 — many in a NFL — out of 13 passes during slightest 20 yards downfield.

At a start of a season, a series of NFL conduct coaches famous to venerate Cousins with a probable need for a quarterback in 2018 was two. After 3 weeks, a series seems to be down to one. McVay has his quarterback of a destiny in Goff, that fortifies Shanahan and a 49ers as a favorites to land Cousins should he turn available.

The final thing a NFL needs to wear a ratings problem is an assemblage problem. The coming of stadiums matters for radio viewers. A full, rough track enhances a radio experience. Empty seats make it worse. Thursday night, Levi Stadium looked like it hosted a preseason game.


The NFL has been improvident about assemblage for years. Out of audacity and an apparent faith a open would continuously crave a product, it gouged fans with absurd parking prices, limited tailgating rules, tough commutes to locations distant divided from city centers and a inconceivable invention of PSLs.

The judicious outcome of such negligence for consumers flush final night: a nationally televised embarrassment. The 49ers gave their fans each reason to stay home, adult to and including building a track an hour divided from San Francisco. Thursday night, they did.

Franchises have labelled their tickets and parking for limit income when they should be pricing them for limit attendance. They have taken a large fan bottom for granted. Teams need to emanate and keep fans, both for a healthy destiny and for a televised product. At present, their decisions are gripping fans during home and utterly presumably timorous their fan base.

Researchers dynamic Aaron Hernandez suffered from “severe” CTE, as Rick Maese and Marissa Payne write. According to a lawsuit filed in sovereign justice opposite a Patriots and a NFL, a former parsimonious finish suffered a illness during a turn of a 67-year-old man. It’s expected the lawsuit will not impact a league. But a large headlines will certainly serve repairs a competition of football. It’s another record on a fire, and one that creates a flame incomparable and brighter.

Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel called a diagnosis “a chilling impulse for a sport that is perplexing all to both make a diversion safer and remonstrate immature athletes, and their parents, it is value playing.”  Michael Rosenberg says there’s still too most we don’t know to start joining dots.

Penn State’s Saquan Barkley will be a subsequent using behind to be picked in a tip 10 and a actor who will continue the call of rookie using backs impacting a league. Pete Thamel has a good demeanour during how Barkley compares Ezekiel Elliott, another Big Ten product. Right now, it’s easy to prognosticate Barkley finale adult with a Colts — a group expected to collect during a tip of a breeze with a quarterback in place and unfortunate for playmakers.

Rookie far-reaching receiver Zay Jones cost a Bills a possibility to kick a Panthers final Sunday when he only missed a last-second locate during a thought line. He’s relocating on from a play, as Leo Roth writes.

Drew Magary argues a NFL should legalize holding. The thought sounds crazy, though we like it and consider there’s a lot of consequence to it. He describes it as some-more of a tweak to descent holding than a sum elimination. The joining has artificially increased offense with manners changes before. This is a judicious prolongation of that thought that would also diminution penalties.

Lions rookie linebacker Jarrad Davis remained out of use following a concussion he suffered during Monday Night Football after Odell Beckham drilled him with a crackback block. The Lions aren’t observant it’s a unwashed hit, per James Hawkins.

Best bets for a weekend

Ravens-Jaguars (London), Under 39 ½: The Ravens do not measure roughly by design, relying on glorious invulnerability and regressive special teams — Joe Flacco has thrown only dual passes of some-more than 20 yards in a atmosphere by dual weeks. The Jaguars do not measure much, possibly — Blake Bortles is their quarterback.

Texas (+13.5) during Patriots: Houston has additional rest after personification on Thursday final week. With a health statuses of Rex Burkhead and Rob Gronkowski adult in a atmosphere to varying degrees and Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola already out, Tom Brady could be though a confidence sweeping opposite a dangerous pass rush. Deshaun Watson isn’t about to kick Bill Belichick in New England in his second career start. The Patriots’ offense will be regressive adequate for Houston to keep it within dual touchdowns.

Season record: 0-0

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