How To Make Your Galaxy S8 Screen Even More Immersive

Ben Sin

The Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a stream it product in consumer wiring right now, and yet we have major beef with Samsung’s local software, a hardware is positively tip notch, privately that winding AMOLED arrangement surrounded by ultra-slim bezels. But one of a things that bugged me about a phone was that Samsung didn’t give we an choice to censor a navigation buttons to your choosing. The phone does censor a home/back/recents buttons for we when you’re examination a YouTube video or browsing by photos, yet not for other apps that could advantage from going full screen, like Instagram or Chrome. That means even yet a S8’s shade is ostensible to be this super immersive savage of a display, a navigation bar stays illuminated adult when you’re examination full shade media like Instagram stories, that is distracting, not to discuss a rubbish of shade genuine estate.

Have a demeanour next to see what we mean.

Ben Sin

That bottom quarrel of buttons will not go divided in many apps.

This is partial of a reason since we criticized a S8’s software in my review, since Samsung usually doesn’t give we options to do things differently (another example, Samsung refuses to give we a by-pass to lift down a presentation shade, requiring we to appropriate from a top. No, that fingerprint reader by-pass doesn’t count since a plcae of that reader is trash). In LG phones (at slightest with a V10, V20, G4, G5) and a Xiaomi Mi Mix, we have a choice to censor a bottom quarrel of soothing buttons anytime we want. If we wish to go full shade when essay an email on a LG V20 or Xiaomi Mi Mix, we can do that. With a S8, that bottom quarrel of buttons is there holding adult half an in. of your screen.

Fortunately, since Android is such a customizable height (why we cite it over iOS), developers and doctrinaire fans have found a approach to censor a navigation buttons anywhere on a phone.

The outcome is a arrangement that looks some-more immersive and with a bit some-more room.

Ben Sin

Making use of a full screen.

Notice how a Instagram Story I’m examination feels some-more immersive but a black bar during a bottom? Or that we could review a few some-more lines of content in WhatsApp? Heck, we can even censor a navigation buttons on a home shade to make my phone demeanour some-more like one seamless square of black pebble.

The good news is this pretence is really easy to do, and it doesn’t need rooting. Here is a step by step guide.

1: Turn on developer options on your S8/S8+

To do so, go into settings — about phone — program information, afterwards daub on “build number” about 10-12 times. You will see a tiny pop-up summary revelation we that developer options has been activated after a 10th or 11th tap.

2: Plug your phone into a PC computer, capacitate USB Debug

Use your USB-C wire to bond a S8/S8+ to your computer, afterwards go into developer options and spin on USB debug mode.

3: Download and implement Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

Download a software here. Once download finishes, run it and install.

4: Go into newly commissioned ADB prompt and form in command 

A black window should open up, from there, usually duplicate and pulp this command: adb bombard settings put tellurian policy_control immersive.navigation=*

5: Done

Your S8/S8+ should now be in full shade mode. To move adult a navigation buttons simply appropriate adult from a bottom. The best partial is we can still use a S8’s force hold home symbol even when a navigation buttons are now showing. That means any app you’re in — Facebook, Instagram, whatever — usually press on a plcae of a home symbol harder than a tap, and you’ll go home.

If we wish serve customization — like contend we wish a buttons to stay manifest during all times on a home screen, and usually disappear when we go into apps. You can form in this command: adb bombard settings put tellurian policy_control immersive.navigation=apps,- XXXXXXX

You’ll have to reinstate a XXXXX partial with a launcher you’re using. If you’re regulating Samsung’s batch launcher out of a box (why would we though?) afterwards usually reinstate a XXXXX partial with, so you’d be inputting adb bombard settings put tellurian policy_control immersive.navigation=apps,-

If we are, like me, regulating Nova launcher, and we wish to keep a buttons manifest on home screen, use this command: adb bombard settings put tellurian policy_control immersive.navigation=apps,-com.teslacoilsw.launcher

If we don’t like a full shade mode and wish to go behind to normal, usually use this command: adb bombard settings put tellurian policy_control null*

That’s it. we wish we suffer this. The S8 shade is too pleasing to have a quarrel of buttons that takes adult a shade during all times.


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