iOS 11 update: We have good news and bad news about iPhone battery life

Apple on Tuesday finally expelled iOS 11 to a open after months of beta testing. Here’s a fun small tidbit: Within about a notation of Apple’s iOS 11 release, it was already commissioned on some-more inclination than a latest chronicle of Android. But that’s conjunction here nor there. iOS 11 is packaged full of new features, refinements of existent features, bug fixes, and copiousness some-more for iPhone and iPad users to enjoy. It’s not all good news, however.

Each and any program refurbish on any height causes issues for some people, and such is a box with iOS 11. Many people have found that their iPhones have slowed down following a update, and we already told we how to speed your phone behind up. But speed isn’t a usually aggravating problem people are regulating into.

First things first: when we initial implement any iOS refurbish on your iPhone, iOS 11 included, your phone might delayed down and we might knowledge faster battery empty during first. It’s only a inlet of a beast. Part of it has to do with Spotlight re-indexing and other shuffling that takes place in behind a scenes, and partial of it has to do with a elementary fact that we use a phone some-more while you’re exploring all a new features.

So a good news is that for many people, battery life will improve. The problem with iOS 11 is that for some people, a battery life on their iPhones doesn’t seems to be removing any better.

A elementary hunt on amicable media sites like Twitter and Facebook yields thousands of posts from people angry about iPhone battery life after updating to iOS 11. Many of a complaints come from people who had only commissioned a new update, so they can be ignored for a time being. But there are also posts from people who have been regulating a final iOS 11 build given Apple expelled iOS 11 GM final week. The Gold Master chronicle of any iOS build, for those unaware, is accurately a same as a chronicle expelled to a public.

Most of a complaints seem to be entrance from people with comparison iPhone models like a iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. There are copiousness of iPhone 7 users agreeable in as well, however. Personally, we can endorse that my possess iPhone 7 Plus has taken a estimable strike given we updated to iOS 11 final week.

If we knowledge faster battery empty after updating to iOS 11, there are a few things we can do to potentially extend your battery life. The dual large ones are tying a series of apps that can modernise in a credentials (Settings General Background App Refresh) and tying a series of apps that can entrance your plcae in a credentials (Settings Privacy Location Services). If that doesn’t have most of an impact, Low Power Mode might turn your best crony until Apple pushes out new updates in a entrance months that will hopefully residence extreme battery drain.

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