iPhone 8 Leak ‘Confirms’ Apple’s Biggest Problems

iPhone 8 will demeanour fantastic and all signs indicate to it being a exile success, even if it costs a earth. But does have problems with a biggest redesign nonetheless and they were usually confirmed…

Predictably a source is acclaimed Apple insider KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo and in a new news performed by MacRumors he has reliable Apple faces both supply sequence problems and pattern restrictions.

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The iPhone 8’s OLED arrangement and ‘cut-out’ nick are causing delays

Let’s mangle them down:

  1. Supply Chain Problems

Perhaps a biggest thorn in Apple’s side with a iPhone 8 is a title feature: a switch an lengthened OLED display. And Kuo states this will means a record supply necessity during launch.

“The OLED chronicle will be in brief supply as we foresee shipments in 3Q17 will be 2-4mn units or less. We do not consider prolongation of a OLED iPhone will collect adult roughly before 4Q17; and given clever demand, parsimonious supply might insist until 1Q18 before improving much.”

To put this in context, Apple sole 41M iPhones in Q3 2017 and a newly expelled iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus accounted for roughly 25M of them notwithstanding usually being on sale for a few weeks.

Given a iPhone 8 is a initial thespian redesign of a iPhone in 3 generations, tying it to 2-4M units could means chaos. Furthermore Apple sole over 45M iPhones in Q4 2016 so if batch stays heavily singular until Q1 2018 as Kuo predicts, afterwards a essential Christmas duration is underneath threat.

The good news is Kuo states a iPhone 8 will launch during a same time as a cheaper, some-more incremental iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus.

My tip: if we do conduct to get an iPhone 8 before Christmas, a many essential thing would be to auction it!

  1. iPhone 8 Design Limitations

Last week we exclusively revealed a pattern of a iPhone 8 and a ‘cut-out’ tip bezel had singular Apple to usually 3 colors during launch compared to a 6 variants – black, jet black, silver, gold, rose bullion and (Product)red – now available.


A becloud print of a copper/bronze iPhone 8 various has recently leaked

Kuo agrees a iPhone 8 will be singular to 3 colors yet he states they will be black, china and bullion (some report it as closer to copper/bronze) since my source believed black, china and jett black would be a options. But both Kuo and my source trust this is a finish of a highway for rose gold.

New iPhone 8 Features

Where Kuo and we are entirely on a same page, however, is discerning charging.

In Jan I exclusively revealed discerning charging was entrance to a iPhone 8 and Kuo agrees, yet he believes a discerning charging energy adaptor could be an discretionary additional while we know that will usually be a box for a iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus (yes, discerning charging is entrance to them as well).


iPhone 8 will move discerning charging and a potion behind will yield wireless charging for a initial time

It is value indicating out a discerning horse block for these iPhones will use USB Type-C, yet a iPhone 8, iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus will hang with a Lightning port. Disappointed about that? Well we won’t have to use a Lightning pier during all if we don’t wish to as there will be wireless charging as well.

All of that means a biggest iPhone 8 doubt is expected to be either we can live but Touch ID and rest on a all new ‘Face ID’ facial approval software instead? While supply of a iPhone 8 will eventually increase, this is going to be one area Apple needs to get 100% right on day one.


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