iPhone X: 8 initial impressions after a week with Apple’s new flagship

The iPhone X is wholly new and wholly different. It outlines a finish depart from iPhones of prior years. The recover of a iPhone X is also a many vehement I’ve been about a new iPhone given a iPhone 4.

Since a iPhone 6, iPhone refreshes have been mostly iterative. Sure, we’ve combined some important facilities along a way, yet a iPhone X changes usually about everything, from how we navigate iOS to a pattern and so many more.

I’ve been regulating a iPhone X for a week now, and like others during 9to5Mac, I’m extravagantly tender with a device. Read on for 9 initial impressions from my initial week with a iPhone X…

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One of a coolest features of iOS 11 is a new Automatic Setup choice that allows we to fast send pivotal sum from your aged iPhone to your new one. Similar to a Apple TV setup process, we simply reason both iPhones tighten to any other and you’ll see a “Set adult new iPhone” prompt on a comparison indication followed by an Apple Watch-eqsue pairing process. From there, information such as Wi-Fi credentials, Apple ID logins, and some-more is eliminated facilely to your new iPhone.

Coupled with restoring from iCloud, this new underline unequivocally creates a setup of a iPhone X as seamless as possible. It’s a good initial sense right out of a box and unequivocally shows how clever Apple’s ecosystem can be.

What notch?

As shortly as we powered on my iPhone X, my eyes initial jumped to a barbarous ’notch’ along a top, that houses a TrueDepth camera camera and other pivotal Face ID sensors. My eyes didn’t immediately burst here given of how it looked, yet rather usually given it was all anyone had been articulate about given a iPhone X was announced dual months.

The nick is polarizing given of how it cuts into a serviceable shade genuine estate of a iPhone X. Personally, we can contend this: After about 15 mins of regulating a iPhone X, we totally forgot a nick even existed, and we know I’m not alone in this sentiment.

There have been really few, if any, instances where I’ve suspicion a nick during all interferes with a iPhone X display. The apparent one is video, yet to be frank, we frequency watch video on my iPhone during all, so that hasn’t been a outrageous problem to me. Even on essentially white interfaces, a nick is usually kind of there; not intruding and frequency noticeable.

Home button

The biggest change with a iPhone X, in my opinion, is a dismissal of a Home button. Apple arrange of started preparing us for this final year with a capacitive Home button on a iPhone 7 – but that doesn’t review to a totally new knowledge of no Home symbol whatsoever.

Instead of a Home button, there’s a new gesticulate that allows we to appropriate adult from a bottom of a arrangement and lapse to a Home screen. This also means we get a new multitasking knowledge that allows we to usually appropriate between apps, identical to a four-finger gesticulate on a iPad.

If we had one censure about a new gestures, it would be that accessing a card-based multitasking interface can be a bit wily as it takes awhile to get a timing down. That’s a really teenager complaint, though.

I’m impossibly gratified with how Apple optimized iOS for a iPhone X. Whereas many Android manufacturers simply use capacitive program buttons, Apple took it a step over with these gestures, and it’s a important alleviation compared to a knowledge we get on other “bezel-less” phones.

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OLED vs LCD for black drift (image from Austin Mann’s iPhone X review)

I’ve never felt that a iPhone lacked in shade peculiarity due to Apple adhering with LCD notwithstanding many Android manufacturers relocating towards OLED. Apple has always prided new iPhones on a arrangement peculiarity and things like Retina have mostly finished adult for some of a trade-offs we get with LCD.

The initial sense of a iPhone X’s OLED arrangement right out of a box didn’t indispensably blow me away. By no means was it a disastrous initial impression, yet rather it was usually that iPhone displays have always been great, so a pierce to OLED isn’t major.

Once we started regulating a device, and got out of a all-white setup interface, a changes became some-more noticeable. The blacks are deeper, a colors some-more vibrant. This is generally important when selecting a wallpaper (which, by a way, are implausible on a iPhone X.).

OLED doesn’t come though trade-offs, and Apple notes that there are stairs we can take to forestall things such as shade burn-in. But don’t pattern issues with a iPhone X arrangement like certain other Android phones have had.


I’m a prolonged time ‘Plus’ user. we used a iPhone 6 Plus, a iPhone 6s Plus, a iPhone 7 Plus, and a iPhone 8 Plus. I’ve always been peaceful to trade one-handed use for a incomparable display. The iPhone X facilities a 5.8-inch display, that is mathematically bigger than a iPhone 8 Plus’s 5.5-inch panel. In real-world usage, however, a arrangement is indeed noticeably smaller.

The iPhone X is taller than prior iPhones, and that’s where a lot of that additional shade genuine estate is packed. You also have a home indicator along a bottom and a nick along a top, both of that eat adult some of that 5.8-inch screen. The dignified of a story here is we shouldn’t pattern a iPhone X to feel like it has a bigger arrangement than any Plus-size iPhone. Or even a arrangement that’s as big.

For me, a iPhone X’s new arrangement distance took some adjustments. You remove some facilities like tabbed support in Safari and there’s a important disproportion in keyboard size. The disproportion in keyboard distance is my biggest emanate and it’s still holding some removing used to, even a week in.

The iPhone X also isn’t as one-hand accessible as many approaching it to be. While it’s physique is identical in distance to a 4.7-inch iPhone, we have to remember that it’s all-screen – which creates reaching a tip corners a plea during one-handed use. This is many important when perplexing to entrance Control Center, that needs to be rethought out.

There are rumors of a larger, 6-inch iPhone X variant entrance subsequent year. Personally, this sounds like a ideal iPhone distance to me. we adore a vast shade genuine estate and would be ideally happy giving adult one-handed use for a incomparable keyboard.

Wireless charging

The iPhone 8 and iPhone X are Apple’s initial inclination to support Qi-based preliminary wireless charging, notwithstanding Apple’s initial hatred to a technology. Apple’s late to a diversion here, so wireless charging isn’t indispensably a insubordinate addition, yet though a welcomed one.

I’ve been regulating a Mophie wireless charging pad that Apple sells for $50, yet a handful of lower-cost options exist on Amazon. All in all, wireless charging is a good preference underline to have, yet not one that creates or breaks a iPhone X.

The best iPhone X wireless chargers:

Face ID

The elephant in a room here is Face ID. Apple’s botched demo during a iPhone X launch event positively didn’t do any favors in assisting diminish people’s concerns about a dismissal of Touch ID. Privacy concerns have also been floating around for a final integrate of months, notwithstanding Apple’s constant reassurances.

For me, Face ID has been scarcely perfect. There are moments when we skip Touch ID, such as when my phone is laying prosaic on my table and we usually wish to fast perspective a notification, yet all-in-all, I’m assured that Apple finished a right pierce with Face ID.

The Face ID setup routine is usually as easy as a Touch ID setup process. One idea we have is to make certain we setup Face ID in a healthy lighting environment. we primarily set cave adult in a car, that meant there was some uncanny intent beams and whatnot. we set it adult again inside and beheld an evident alleviation in detection.

Apple has finished an glorious pursuit of integrating Face ID via iOS for things such as app logins and Keychain for passwords in Safari. What we adore many about Face ID in these instances is that it’s passive. Whereas with Touch ID we had to physically place your finger on a Home button, Face ID is free and usually authenticates we and afterwards shows we what we wish to see.

I’ve left behind and onward between enabling and disabling Attention Detection, that is dark in a Accessibility territory of a iOS Settings app. When enabled, Attention Detection requires that we be looking during a iPhone X in sequence to unlock. On a other hand, disabling means we can be looking divided or even have your eyes closed, and Face ID will still work.

Essentially, Attention Detection comes down to how many we value security. If we have it enabled, it’s scarcely unfit for someone to reason your phone adult to your face to transparent it, yet when infirm all bets are off. Personally, I’m gripping it enabled for now yet that competence change as we pierce forward.

While my knowledge with Face ID has been overwhelmingly positive, others have had some issues with things such as glasses, yet we pattern Apple to iron out these problems in a nearby future.

Case or no case?

The iPhone X is a pleasing phone and right out of a box we had no enterprise to put a box on it. we didn’t wish to cover adult such a pleasing pattern with any case, either it was $5 box from Amazon or Apple’s possess leather cases.

However, we also bought a iPhone 8 Plus behind in September, that facilities a same potion behind pattern as a iPhone X, and used it case-less for a month. When it came time to sell a iPhone 8 Plus, we satisfied usually how many scratches had amassed on that potion back. Much like a Jet Black iPhone 7, a potion behind on my iPhone 8 built adult a good collection of abrasions after usually a month’s use.

Because of my knowledge with a iPhone 8 Plus, we consider it’s best to use a box on a iPhone X, even if it means covering some of a pleasing design. I’ve left behind and onward between Apple’s Leather Case, as good as a Totalle’s ultra-thin case. The former offers somewhat improved insurance opposite drops interjection to how a sides of a box hang around a front, while a latter preserves some-more of a ‘naked’ feel of regulating an iPhone.

More iPhone X cases:


All in all, a iPhone is an implausible phone. The new pattern is one that Apple has clearly been operative towards for years, and it shows. Face ID has also blown divided my exceptions and creates for a seamless, pacifist experience.

As Jony Ive conspicuous in a new interview, Apple can totally revamp a iPhone X quite with program updates, so hopefully we see some improvements to things such as Control Center and multitasking in a entrance months.

“I’ve always been preoccupied by these products that are some-more ubiquitous purpose. What we consider is conspicuous about a iPhone X is that a functionality is so dynamic by software. And given of a liquid inlet of software, this product is going to change and evolve.

In 12 months’ time, this intent will be means to do things that it can’t now. we consider that is extraordinary. we consider we will demeanour behind on it and see it as a really poignant indicate in terms of a products we have been developing.”

It’s transparent a iPhone X is a destiny of a iPhone, and while there are positively some refinements that need to be made, I’m vehement to see where Apple takes things in a entrance years.

What do we consider of iPhone X? Let us know your first-week practice down in a comments!

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