Is Aaron Rodgers a best actor on a planet?

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers only illuminated adult a Dallas Cowboys for 356 yards, dual touchdowns, purchase chuck after purchase throw, and an dissapoint win in one of a many stirring NFL playoff games ever.

We asked 9 NFL writers a elementary question:

Is Rodgers a best football actor on a planet?

Here are their answers:

Matt Bowen, NFL writer: Yes, Rodgers is unique, a quarterback who takes over vicious moments with his huge and versatile ability set during a position. And that elevates a play of everybody around him.

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All final week, a Packers faced a same question: Who would make adult for a detriment of Jordy Nelson? The answer incited out to be simple: Everyone.

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  • John Clayton, comparison NFL writer: When a Packers were 4-6, Rodgers looked tellurian and manager Mike McCarthy had to urge his quarterback. Now, a football gods have sanctified Rodgers with an implausible run, and he’s a baddest male on a world — that fits someone with 3 Hail Mary completions over a past year and change.

    Dan Graziano, inhabitant NFL Insider: Yes, since he’s a best during so many things. He’s a many accurate, a many clutch, a many confident, a many ease actor during a many critical position, higher during a shortest passes as good as a longest (Hail Mary) and delivering right now in a biggest games opposite a best opponents.

    Sheil Kapadia, NFL Nation writer: Yes. Even when a competition has a ideal coverage called on a given play, Rodgers’ ability to buy time and make high degree-of-difficulty completions is unmatched. Sometimes, it feels like he is creation “heat-check” throws only to exam a boundary of what he’s able of.

    Michael Rothstein, NFL Nation writer: Rodgers has been extraordinary over a past dual months and is a large reason a Packers are a diversion divided from a Super Bowl, though I’m wavering to contend he’s a best actor on a planet. There are so many sundry ability sets in football and since of that, I’m going to go with a man who did it all this season, Arizona’s energetic David Johnson, who had a league-best 2,118 yards from struggle (1,239 rushing, 879 receiving) and 20 touchdowns, doing some-more clearly with during slightest a small bit reduction around him each singular week.

    Mike Sando, comparison NFL writer: Yes. Rodgers is a many dynamic, artistic and learned actor during a many profitable position. I’m not certain Muhammad Ali could have danced in a slot (and out of it) with as most panache.

    Kevin Seifert, inhabitant NFL writer: Yes. When an already-elite actor takes his diversion to “out-of-his-mind” status, no one can compare. Rodgers was a Hall of Fame actor before this deteriorate — and he’s never played better.

    Aaron Schatz, editor-in-chief of Football Outsiders: Yes, since no other quarterback can do a things he can do even if things around him mangle down. He scrambles out of pass vigour if an descent lineman fails, and he hits receivers who can hardly get open in little windows.

    Field Yates, NFL Insider: Yes. Rodgers’ ability set is as extended as there is for any quarterback in football. He creates a formidable throws demeanour free and his turn of play rises in moments of good consequence.

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