It wasn’t a fluke: Giants’ offense wasn’t prepared for 2017

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EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — As he marched onto a MetLife Stadium margin Monday night, Tom Coughlin did not come opposite like a male one day private from losing a football diversion by 3 touchdowns. The overlord of a Jacksonville Jaguars had dual good reasons to plan a radiant, puffed-chest vibe of someone who had usually won a Super Bowl:

1. He would reason a Lombardi Trophy in his hands during a halftime rite honoring a 10-year anniversary of his New York Giants’ epic feat over a 18-0 New England Patriots.

2. He would watch live as a former partner who transposed him, Ben McAdoo, coached like a destroyed rookie during a start of his sophomore year.

Even Odell Beckham Jr. can’t save this Giants offense

The Giants were reason to fewer than 20 points for a eighth uninterrupted diversion and seemed to onslaught to make even a simplest plays.

  • Giants’ McAdoo says responsibility of pivotal mistake on Eli

    Giants manager Ben McAdoo, asked what happened during a pivotal fourth-and-goal play during a Lions’ 2-yard line in that New York took a check of diversion chastisement and had to flog a margin goal, called it simply “sloppy quarterback play.”

  • Coughlin isn’t enthusiastically rooting for McAdoo to remove a approach a New York Giants manager mislaid a home opener to a Detroit Lions by a 24-10 count. But people who know a 71-year-old Jaguars executive contend he was some-more ravaged than he publicly let on when he was forced out after a 2015 season. Coughlin is human, and it’s ideally tellurian for a two-time Super Bowl champ distant from a pursuit he precious to wish his inheritor reminds everybody because he was so profitable in a initial place.

    On that front, McAdoo is creation Coughlin some-more renouned with New Yorkers now than he was during his final 4 playoff-free seasons.

    “Put this diversion on me,” a Giants manager told his players in a locker room.

    “Put this diversion on me,” a Giants manager told a reporters in a speak room.

    Actually, we’ll do McAdoo one better. We’ll put a whole 0-2 start on him, even yet a hobbled Odell Beckham Jr. couldn’t go opposite a Dallas Cowboys in Week 1 and couldn’t arise even median to his illusory standards opposite a Lions on Monday night. The Giants have scored 13 points in 8 buliding of play; they haven’t scored fewer points in their initial dual games given they managed 7 points in a initial dual games of 1947, when we could buy a gallon of gas for 15 cents.

    So far, McAdoo’s offense is value reduction than that in 2017.

    The manager asked for a censure Monday night, though afterwards he placed full censure for a fourth-and-goal, delay-of-game dwindle precisely on Eli Manning’s shoulder pads.

    “Sloppy quarterback play,” McAdoo pronounced of a chastisement that incited a touchdown try into a margin goal. Although Manning after certified that a quarterback is always during error on delay-of-game calls, McAdoo didn’t need to glow that turn into a behind of a two-time Super Bowl MVP who is customarily among a joining leaders in all burden metrics.

    Bottom line: McAdoo did not have his group prepared to start a season. Cast as convincing contenders, a Giants were outclassed by a Cowboys on a highway final week and by a Lions during home on Monday. They have a same record as their tanking co-tenants, a New York Jets, and they’re a usually group in a NFC East that isn’t 1-1.

    “We speak about personification complete, interrelated football,” McAdoo said. “By no widen of a imagination did we get that finished tonight.”

    The Giants were an undisciplined, emasculate mess. They recovered a Matthew Stafford fail in a second entertain and on a really subsequent play handed a round behind to Detroit on a Manning interception. Brandon Marshall forsaken a ideally thrown low round down a sideline that helped kill a fourth-quarter possession, and dual plays later, a Lions’ Jamal Agnew was holding a punt behind 88 yards for a score.

    Left tackle Ereck Flowers was frequently steamrollered by Ezekiel Ansah, who was obliged for 3 of Detroit’s 5 sacks. The Giants’ using backs managed a grand sum of 62 yards after opening with 35 opposite Dallas, withdrawal them one fullback dive brief of 100 for a year. Fans booed McAdoo’s preference to run a round on third-and-13 on a Giants’ opening array and booed again via a night. The one time a manager and a throng were in agreement — on McAdoo’s choice to go for it on fourth down during a 2 — Manning’s apparent engrossment with a intensity shell pickup rained on a march as a play time bled to zero.

    “I’ve got to call a timeout or get it snapped,” a quarterback said.

    At 36 years aged and perplexing to get by but a healthy Beckham, a prolific using diversion and a functioning line, Manning has looked like a shade of his former self. But until he plays a full deteriorate during this level, Manning has warranted a advantage of a doubt. He did once win a championship after an 0-2 start, with a same 2007 Giants who were respected during halftime.

    “The invulnerability is personification tough,” Manning said. “The offense has got to do a part. We’ve got to make a plays, and we’ve got to hoop a partial of a equation to repair this.”

    When asked progressing how a offense can be fixed, Manning said, “We’ve usually got to figure out what’s a best personnel, what’s a best style, how we’re going to be means to pierce a ball.”

    That sounds like McAdoo’s job, and nobody knows if he’s able of doing it. He was never a conduct manager on any turn — high propagandize enclosed — before holding over a Giants. Upon nearing in New York as descent coordinator in 2014, McAdoo’s explain to celebrity was portion as Aaron Rodgers’ quarterbacks manager in Green Bay. Of course, being Aaron Rodgers’ quarterbacks manager would’ve been a small like being Luciano Pavarotti’s vocals coach. There are usually so many ways to screw that up.

    Right now, McAdoo is using a McAdon’t offense that is roughly unfit to watch. The Giants have unsuccessful to measure 20 points in 8 uninterrupted games. They’ve unsuccessful to measure 30 points in any diversion with McAdoo as conduct coach.

    “The whole offense needs work,” he conceded. “We’re not in stroke right now. … We have to investigate all we’re doing. we mean, we can’t lift points out of a hat.”

    McAdoo pronounced he will cruise crew changes. Asked if he will cruise surrendering his playcalling responsibilities, McAdoo said, “We’ll cruise everything. Yep.”

    His time for deliberation is up. McAdoo needs to come out from behind his ever-conspicuous chart, palm over a playcalling to descent coordinator Mike Sullivan and concentration on a big-picture issues weighing down his team. He needs to be reduction of a complement user and most some-more of a motivator and manager.

    He has already compromised this year’s long-term goals of a low playoff run and of maybe winning a pretension for a initial time given Coughlin won his second after a 2011 season. The Giants face 3 of their subsequent 4 games on a highway opposite Philadelphia, Tampa Bay and Denver. If McAdoo doesn’t squeeze reason of his group earlier rather than later, he won’t have to worry seeking people to allot him a blame.

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