It’s high time for Galaxy S and Galaxy Note to unite

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ have been a speak of a city given their phenomenon on Mar 29. Their considerable shade sizes, screen-to-body ratios, and pointed spec upgrades are what take a S8 to a subsequent turn from a S7, tentatively creation a S8 nonetheless another home run flagship for a South Korean association this year. Even a Galaxy Note 7 incidents, that are still rather uninformed in a minds of consumers, didn’t seem to have caused most of a hole in unrestrained for a S8.

Nor has it caused a hole in expectation for a Note 8, for that matter. While a Note 7 was a vital reversal and PR disaster for Samsung final year, a association appears encouraged to pierce upwards and onwards with a Note line down a line in 2017. After creation a preference to source a battery cells from a new supplier, a Note 8 hopefully won’t have a same issues that a Note 7 had. But while a S8 was potentially given a pass for not being a Note device, one has to consternation if a new Samsung Note device will be as simply forgiven.

Whether a Note 8 will be DOA or not, it occurred to me after looking during a Galaxy S8 that a line between what creates a Galaxy Note opposite from a Galaxy S8 is intensely becloud during this point. The facilities that done a Galaxy Note mount out from a Galaxy S line were a vast distance and a inclusion of a S Pen. However, with a Galaxy S8 and S8+ featuring shade sizes of 5.8 and 6.2-inch displays, respectively, a usually thing unequivocally left to make a Note a graphic entity is a S Pen.

Although it’s doubtful to occur this year, we do consternation how many some-more years a dual will sojourn separate.

For some, a inclusion/exclusion of a S Pen is adequate to compute a dual and keep them apart. To me, a Galaxy Note code has mislaid a luster. It’s still a illusory device, of course, though there’s zero utterly higher about it anymore. The really initial Galaxy Note, that came out in 2011, had poignant differences between it and a Galaxy S II expelled progressing that year. Its arrangement was incomparable by an whole inch, it had a crook resolution, it had a bigger battery, and of march it had a S Pen. Between a Galaxy S7 Edge and a Note 7, a Galaxy S7 Edge surpassed a Note 7 in both pixel firmness and battery capacity, withdrawal a Galaxy Note 7 noticeably winning in only dual categories: shade distance and S Pen. With a Galaxy S8+ featuring a whopping 6.2-inch display, we consternation if a Note will even transcend that this year.

Perhaps Samsung will warn people with a Note 8, though we design to see lines confused even some-more this year between it and a Galaxy S8. we privately wouldn’t mind Samsung mixing a dual to make one super flagship each year. If anything, we would roughly cite it during this point; putting 100% of concentration and courtesy on one plan can make a good thing better.

Readers, what are your thoughts on a destiny of Samsung’s dual flagships? Do we consider they should sojourn separate, or do we wish to see a dual mix in a future?

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