Jay-Z: Meek Mill Prison Sentence ‘Unjust and Heavy-Handed’

Jay-Z denounced Meek Mill‘s two-to-four year jail sentence for violating trial as “unjust and heavy-handed” in a summary on Facebook Monday night.

“The judgment handed down by a Judge – opposite a recommendation of a Assistant District Attorney and Probation Officer – is unfair and heavy-handed,” Jay-Z said. “We will always mount by and support Meek Mill, both as he attempts to right this prejudicial judgment and afterwards in returning to his low-pitched career.” 

While Jay-Z’s Roc Nation association manages Meek Mill, a former has also turn a extreme advocate for criminal justice reform.

On Monday, a Philadelphia decider handed down Meek Mill’s jail judgment after a rapper disregarded his trial with a span of arrests progressing this year. The rapper, innate Robert Williams, was arrested in Mar after a quarrel in a St. Louis airport, yet those charges were dropped. In October, he pleaded guilty to forward pushing after a video was posted of him doing wheelies on a mud bike in New York City.

When asked if he designed on appealing a sentence, Brian McMonagle, Meek Mill’s invulnerability attorney, responded, “You’re goddamned right we am.”

Per Philly.com, Meek Mill’s trial stems from a 2008 drug and weapons box that landed a rapper in jail for 8 months. He primarily perceived 5 years probation, though his disaster to news to a trial officer or get before capitulation for roving outward of Philadelphia warranted him an additional 5 months in jail in 2013, while his trial was extended to 10 years. Most recently, in Feb 2016, Meek Mill was put on residence detain for 90 days after another trial violation.

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