Jayson Tatum happy to stay in Boston, play with Kyrie Irving

1:09 PM ET

NORTHBRIDGE, Mass. — After conference his name invoked as someone who competence seductiveness a Cleveland Cavaliers, Jayson Tatum primarily feared he competence be enclosed in a trade package a Boston Celtics put together Tuesday to land Kyrie Irving.

Cavs understanding Kyrie to Celtics for Isaiah, Nets pick

The Celtics have acquired Kyrie Irving from a Cavaliers for Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and Brooklyn’s 2018 defenceless first-round pick.

  • Are a Celtics a improved group after Irving trade?

    The Celtics have usually 4 players left from final season’s group that reached a Eastern Conference finals. It is formidable to decider either they are a improved group after trade for Kyrie Irving.

  • Instead, a No. 3 collect in June’s breeze voiced fad in meaningful he’ll have a associate Duke product beside him in Boston during his rookie season.

    The Celtics traded Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and a Brooklyn Nets’ 2018 first-round collect to Cleveland on Tuesday in sell for Irving.

    “I was examination [the trade news] on TV and we saw violation news come across, so it was usually as most of a startle to me as all a other fans,” pronounced Tatum, who usually this week changed to Massachusetts to start offseason workouts in allege of training stay subsequent month.

    “I was usually as astounded as everybody else [about a deal]. we saw my name come adult and we didn’t know if we was going to get traded. … It’s all new to me. we haven’t played an NBA diversion yet; we usually came from college. we don’t know how to hoop all a trade talks. we was usually like, ‘Wow,’ [when I] saw my name come up.”

    After receiving declaration he was staying in Boston, Tatum pronounced he got a content from Irving expressing fad about teaming adult subsequent season. Earlier this month, Tatum and Irving, who share an agent, trafficked to a Bahamas for a vacation. Even as reports began present that a Cavaliers competence enterprise a immature talent like Tatum in lapse for Irving, a dual never discussed a probability of a deal.

    Tatum called Irving a “great player” and a “superstar in this league” though certified that, as a rookie, he is capricious if Irving is what a Celtics need to take a subsequent step brazen in their query to be a legitimate pretension contender. But he raved about a possibility.

    “I’m flattering certain it will be a lot of fun,” Tatum said. “[Irving is] a extensive player. A luminary in this league.”

    The Celtics have usually 4 returning players from final year’s group (Al Horford, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart and Terry Rozier) and manager Brad Stevens contingency confederate new faces like Tatum, Irving and Gordon Hayward while anticipating to pull Cleveland after bowing to a Cavaliers in 5 games during final year’s Eastern Conference finals.

    Tatum has to feel assured in his place on Boston’s roster. In allege of a Jun draft, a Celtics traded a No. 1 collect — acquired around collect barter with a Nets — to Philadelphia. The 76ers comparison Markelle Fultz while Boston took Tatum during No. 3 and picked adult a destiny first-round collect in a process.

    If Cleveland preferred Tatum in this deal, Ainge was evidently some-more peaceful to embody a Nets’ collect instead. With flourishing hype about subsequent year’s breeze class, that speaks volumes about what a Celtics trust Tatum can be in a future.

    Tatum showed an NBA-ready descent diversion during summer leagues in Utah and Las Vegas though still needs to bulk adult to be means to ensure NBA wings. Stevens has praised Tatum’s defensive intensity and believes he can be a plain defender during this level.

    All of Boston’s wheeling and dealing, generally a depart of wings like Avery Bradley and Crowder, could emanate an evident event for Tatum, who will have a possibility to contest for mins from a start of camp.

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