Jeff Bezos Reveals ‘Sneak Peek’ of Blue Origin’s Space Tourism Capsule

Want to take a outing to space? 

Billionaire Jeff Bezos’ private spaceflight company, Blue Origin, expelled new images now (March 29) of a interior of a New Shepard newcomer capsule, that a association says will be used to send profitable business on brief trips into space. [How Blue Origin’s New Shepard Spacecraft Works]

A cognisance of a interior of Blue Origin's New Shepard vehicle, that a association skeleton to use to packet tourists on brief trips to space.
Credit: Blue Origin


The images uncover neat black seats, slanted behind so passengers are confronting adult when a rocket takes off. But a genuine fun will come when a upholder reaches suborbital space and passengers will be means to get out of their seats and knowledge lightness in a ample cabin. 

Passengers can also demeanour out a spacecraft’s windows, that will be “the largest windows ever in space,” a association said. As recently as Oct 2016, Bezos pronounced a association was on lane to make a initial tellurian exam flights by a finish of 2017, with a initial patron flights holding place in 2018.

A cognisance of Blue Origin's New Shepard car in moody above a Earth, carrying space tourists.
Credit: Blue Origin

The New Shepard car can strech suborbital altitudes, definition not high adequate to totally loop around a planet. (The Blue Origin patron flights will final about 11 minutes.) Besides a tourism function, a car could offer as a microgravity laboratory, a association has said.

“Our New Shepard flight-test module is focused on demonstrating a opening and robustness of a system,” Bezos pronounced in a mass email refurbish (these emails go out irregularly to people who subscribe on a company’s website). “In parallel, we’ve been conceptualizing a plug interior with an eye toward pointing engineering, reserve and comfort.”

The seats inside Blue Origin's New Shepard newcomer plug will be embossed with a plume from a company's logo.
Credit: Blue Origin


Blue Origin has done mixed successful exam launches of a New Shepard vehicle, and these missions have enclosed alighting a spacecraft’s reusable rocket booster. The association pronounced it has also relaunched some of those used boosters. Reusable rocket boosters could assistance move down a cost of spaceflight, Bezos and other spaceflight attention experts have said. 

A cognisance of a extraneous of a New Shepard vehicle.
Credit: Blue Origin

Space tourism isn’t singular to Blue Origin. Virgin Galactic has already started offered tickets for a outing to space aboard one of a company’s space planes. (Blue Origin is not nonetheless offered tickets or divulgence pricing information, though a company’s website does let people pointer adult to accept early updates when those things turn available). The private association World View is offering tourism trips aboard high-altitude balloons. 

Last year, Bezos pronounced Blue Origin would also like to eventually offer tourism trips to aloft altitudes than New Shepard can reach. This would occur aboard a company’s New Glenn orbital rocket, that is now in production. Bezos pronounced a association designed to give initial entrance on those orbital space trips to business who had already purchased suborbital trips on New Shepard. 

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